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Do Online Commentators Give Backlinks And PR Support?

Do Social Network Commentators give support by sharing good related comments and feedback’s?  You bet yah!

This is an old SEO tactic, that’s in demand, directing and re-directing traffic to your blog.

How is that?

If you have a strong community of followers or viewers that constantly comments on your posts or pages on a daily, weekly and/ or monthly basis, this absolutely helps boost up your blog in rankings.

And I am not talking about spamming. We are all, guilty in some way or another spamming without knowing it. There are better ways to apply ourselves toward commenting.

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Gravatar Your Comments Globally

Creating your own personalize Gravatar to use on websites, forums and blogs comments globally.

Your Gravatar is a photo image that represents you. When your are surfing online and leaving comments on forums, blogs and websites you are able to leave your mark.  Using this tool is free and very simple to follow and you can use as many emails with your avatar and add all sort of pictures to fit with your email(s).

Simple Procedure To Obtain Your Avatar

Read this before entering original site, so you know what to expect.

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