Facebook Launch Lookback Video, To Celebrate Their Ten Year Anniversay

facebook lookback video movieFacebook launched a new feature called look back movie video to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

The  billions of users didn’t take long to make it go viral. It’s a collage of personal pictures dating from past to present. To access your look back video login on your fb profile and click on link. It’s automated: Facebook.com/lookback

Featuring Look back Movie Video: A quick 62 second video viewing a persons Facebook personal pictures dated from when you first started with fb to the most recent dated pictures of you.  We all like to celebrate with new things and look back movie, is one feature to enjoy and experiment with. Plus who doesn’t like to reminisce about themselves through video.

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Use Google Plus Comments With WordPress Plugin For Social Interaction

Google Plus Comments Social media gives us the upper hand to interact with others, just by adding Google plus comments to your WordPress blog with a plugin. Also, this may potentially drive traffic and enhance your SEO on your blog by others leaving comments.

Trends ignite followers who has a motive and this feature is a motive mover. Don’t take my word for it, you see it all the time in everything.

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JingPro By Techsmith Expires

JingPro Goes ObsoleteJingPro by Techsmith expires on it’s paying customers on Feb. 28, 2013. I used this software ritually with most of my videos and picture capturing and I loved it.  Although this Pro version is being discontinued, the subscribers account will automatically revert to the free version.

JingPro version cost only an annual fee of $15, the subscribers got spoiled with it and now it’s time to upgrade to another version called Snagit.

* See below this post for the special offer and coupon code, well worth the look and savings.

Jing’s Free Version 

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Disneyland, Capitalizing On Fun

Disneylani capitalizing on funDisneyland, capitalizing on fun what a brilliant marketing concept. When it comes to fun we overlook the cost of it and why not. Money isn’t everything, right!

Creating and combining fun takes a lot of ingenuity to monetize on it and it just doesn’t pop out of thin air. It takes a genius to create such an illusion out of life size costume cartoon characters to animated film pictures to molded vessels of cartoon figurines to hypnotize the fans with entertainment of joy, laughter and excitement.

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Zoomit versus Camtasia TechSmith Software Tool

Zoomit toolI really appreciate innovative software creators. Rather it is a free tool like Zoomit or a paid tool with free trial like Camtasia, either one it gives you similar usage for your internet purpose.

I know what you might be thinking…. let me guess. Either you may thank me for the free download tool or it may cross your mind I’m cheap. Well it doesn’t matter  because I can deal with it.

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Be Aware Of Advertising Tracking Cookie Spying On You

Advertising tracking cookie Some of your favorite and well known browsers are getting penalized for secretively using advertising tracking cookie on consumers.

Have you noticed when you visit certain website for whatever reason, and then you open another new site, its banners or advertisements displaying the exact product or service you viewed prior.

Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and etc., they have cookie attached to your computer to track your online surfing.

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Crashing Web Hosting Services

Hostgator Coupon Savings Lately the news is all about crashing web hosting services. Just a few months ago there was an incident concerning update issues shutting down millions of websites.

Now news on Godaddy being hacked, although they said it’s due to service outages. It shut down 5 million websites and their company quickly mentioned that no customers sensitive data was compromised during the down time.

Who knows or who can say what was the real reason for the shut down time. Or what was involved. We all know the internet is involving rapidly and security may not be moving as fast as it should be, since new development is cycling faster than one can start on one project and another new project is being created.

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What Olympic Players And Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Olympic Players And Entrepreneurs Believe it or not… Olympic players and Entrepreneurs have a lot in common? Really, you will see as you continue to read on.

Entrepreneur definition: an employer of productive labor; contractor. A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Entrepreneurs has a certain type of mindset and they won’t let anything come in there way, including themselves. They will thrive to achieve there life long dreams, even if it cost them everything. Time after time, you can pick up a book or go online and read how certain business successors became successful.

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Run A Website Speed Test And Analysis On Your Site

Website Speed TestThis is old news for Google and people are finally taking them serious. Including me, so I ran an analysis and website speed test on my webpage.

I never ran one before or even knew why I had to, now I know the importance of it. Primarily lessen viewers bounce rate and the big G ratings.

As for users attention span: Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 4 seconds; keep your users happy and engaged by providing a fast performing webpage!

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Revise Your Youtube New Layout From The Default Settings

Youtube New Layout If you have not revised your Youtube new layout channel, in most cases it’s situated in the default setting.

Updates are a must with most social network sites, because it show cases your links and content as free display billboard. So get it out of the default settings.

Why is that…. default setting displays  the videos in random sequence order with no descriptions, unless you go into your channel dashboard and arrange it accordingly. Before the change, the old channel version hid your primary information from the public, unless you scrolled down the page. However, the new version is less than a year old and your video channel has more  SEO exposure than the older version.  Maybe Google is being generous with public information for a change or they have a better agenda for it, who knows.

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