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Social Media Sites A Virtual Billboard For Advertising

I believe most Social Media sites give the impression of a virtual billboard for advertising products or services and it’s  free.

Without the use of these sites I’m reluctant to say, what most of us online marketers would have to do, dreading the idea how to get our  message out to others.

What if we had to revert to the old marketing ways  like cold calling, newspaper, home group gathering and the door-to-door knocking to pitching your deal. I suppose we should count our blessings for innovative technology inventions.

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A Novice Marketer’s 9 Basic Steps

When I first started, I literally was confused, because I didn’t know where to begin. The key is to take action and get started, as soon as possible.

I read and learned by most on going expects, what was working for them and using similar tactics in how they got started. Since more than one was suggesting the same methods, why not go by it.

Yes, I went by some of their ideas, methods and trainings. So I use these 9 basics steps when I first got started. And now I continue to progress with other methods, which I will share later.

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