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Reading and listening to Mike Dillard’s Training Courses.

Being a novice to marketing online, I acquired the Magnetic Sponsoring around the mid part of 2009 and read it a few times and occasionally to refresh my memory.  I found it to have an important impact on my thoughts and that it brought significant changes into my life as a person, not just in my marketing & business life.  But to my everyday walk in life.

I won’t say that the outcome was immediate.  It’s a passive process with development and understanding in time, to continue to stay focused.  But what it did is show me the mindset that was required to become a leader, and a take charge person,  in the home business industry as well as in my personal life.  Up until that point I did not have a clue about how my mindset would impact my business ability.

Now I will say, with great appreciation to one of many marketing achievers,  Mike Dillard’s marketing system has turned my thoughts in the direction where I need to go and with his courses guided me to stay on track with my goals and dreams.   Life and marketing go hand in hand, it’s a constant learning process and with this  marketing system it helped me to forgo further into developing me, my skills and personal achievements in life and business.  I can say that I am ahead in my marketing skills,  from where I was before.  My opinion, to anyone who is observing, thinking or taking action in your own business, see what someone has to offer if he/she is making great breakthroughs and have success in what your interest maybe in.  And learn from it.  He gave me hope and confidence to follow my dreams and never give up on myself.

My belief is that we are all on a journey, you… me… everyone, and that unless you are deliberately guiding your internal self in the direction you want to go, you will by default, end up some place you DO NOT want to go.

Napoleon Hill..  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and  expecting a different result.”


So with that said, here are a few points that I have discovered that helped me to get where I am. Perhaps you can relate to these…

  1. I began to look at what the leaders in this industry did and how they think, and began to implement a strategy of  being and doing just like they do. Instead of working from the bottom up in my mind, I began to think in terms of top down
  2. I began to observe, learn and duplicate… what leaders say and do from there own collections of  videos, articles and Blogs.  I entered into the content creation cycle with the thoughts of being  in charge from the word go
  3. It set me free from the opinions of others. Leaders are not moved by the opinions of people around them and I discovered a certain sense of freedom when I realized that opinions from others only have a negative impact on my self worth if I allow them to
  4. It allowed me to be open mind and selective.  Rather than trying to project my thoughts and ideas onto others I am able to allow them to be who they are and if they said something that I did not agree with, I was strong & secure enough in myself  to allow them to have their own opinion.  After all we are all entitled to have our own opinion
  5. I confirmed to myself  mistakes are okay and I don’t allow it to effect me so harshly, because we all make mistakes.  And if  I can confront myself with it, then it makes me more in peace with myself,  mature and knowing who I am really am.
  6. The world is a very negative place and I decided that I was not going to allow negativity to impact my destiny nor make that decision for me.  I am in charge of my destiny.


So there you go… that is a very brief breakdown of what occurred to me after reading Magnetic Sponsoring.  My belief is that if you don’t have a copy then get yourself one, it is the corner stone book for leaders within the home business industry.  This has impact thousands of people, besides myself.  But don’t take my word for it, he has a guarantee that is unheard of, see for yourself!

If you are still sitting and waiting for success to hit you, then here it is!  Start some where, because No one will push you to do anything unless you are willing to do it for yourself…. I would really love to hear your feedback on this subject.  Always appreciate your input.

Heads Up To Your Destiny, Mahalo Lani


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