Using Google External Keyword Search

Google External Keyword ToolGreat tools come in small packages or big ones like Google External Keyword Search. When I first started with online marketing, I had no inclination in what specific words or phrases to look for and how important common specific word search would impact my blog.

Keywords are the main substance to any online business and if you don’t use them correctly, then your content may get lost in the shuffle. Of course, you’re not only looking for your regular visitors coming to your site, but reaching other unique visitors for global exposure. Which means…. Free organic traffic is what it comes down to.

I’m finding myself, the more I indulge online to learn the better I become to recognize what to search for and believe me keywords are a big search factor on the internet. Think about it, rather it be you online or others, we are all searching for specific common used words and Google gathers all these words and place it in their huge database of common used searched words. Then when a person types in a particular word, guess what the search box immediately pulls up, similar keywords we’re all searching for. As displayed here.

Google Search box

Important Note: Keep in mind, this is something most of us may overlook since we’re from different states and/or countries, we tend to type in words in how we speak. So don’t ignore this strategy just remember it when searching for words, which can be helpful presently or in the future.

If you’re a novice, amateur or expert, it’s getting tougher to search for good words online. The competition is getting smarter and educated in what to search for.  But don’t be discouraged because for a combination of reasons, people are giving up. You work so hard, keep trying! Not to be cynical, but it’s true.

arrow-red This is how some experts ends up picking up used domain names and expired blogs for sale and using it to rank on the search engines. So Don’t Quit!

Using Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is not only to detect popular searched words, but to get theme ad group ideas that are related to your product or service.  When placing a word or phrase in the find keyword box, it will display various pin point words searched for by others and statistics.

Categories such as: keyword, competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches. The columns equates to an important equation to narrow down a niche you are looking for and ready to be added as part of your content, title or tags. It’s all about who is search for your common word.  IE….

Google Find Keyword Tool

The Purpose For Words And Phrase Searches:

  • A Niche Market – getting your ad in front of thousands potential customers
  • Making Money – reaching the right audience
  • Beat Your Competition – tips on creating searched for lists
  • Niche Campaign Search – discovering new keywords with the keyword tool
  • Easier To Be Found Online – select relevant keywords for your online ad.
  • Pay For Highly Converting Words – most cases PPC keywords are in high demand. (PPC link and tool: Used it with Firefox to view adwords and PPC users.)
  • And The Lists Goes On….

Now as online marketers, we are well aware of all the corrections that are occurring online by Google, so as a friendly reminder don’t over stuff your content with keywords. Be creative in writing your content and use unique relevant content, and by with interlinking within your own site to receive a better outlook with the bots.  Try not to use redundant words and phrases. So your site don’t get penalized.

The old keyword philosophy is out, but not broken, just show your true talents online with valuable content that everyone can appreciate including the bots. Oh, don’t look or choose highly competitive words or phrases, but for specific words with lower monthly searches to rank higher. One of the reasons why I chose this title topic, if you’re wondering what I meant by lower searches.

Share with us your experience and tools, you would refer and recommend to others by leaving a sweet comment. Don’t forget to Tweet and Like it as well.

Mahalo, Lani 🙂

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I do get compensated for any person part-taking in the resource link. I appreciate it!


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  1. Kathryn Dilligard says:

    How about keyword search for social media marketing?
    Kathryn Dilligard recently posted..

  2. Keybo Wordsy says:

    I never expected this post to be this very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this blog article about google external keyword search. It was really a huge help to me. Good thing I bumped into this site.

  3. swanil says:

    Google’s Keyword tool for external Keyword research is the best tools for the keyword analysation and research all the webmasters prefer to use this particular tool to research and find appropriate keywords for their website or blog.

  4. K Proinc says:

    Dear Lani Kee,
    On a similar note, I wanted to know how to use good keyword while writing any article so, for one do your research keyword in Google adwords as one of many tools.

    I understand low competition keywords” in adwords keyword external. I can see advertisers competition, Local and Global search volume, seem to rank better with less competition.

    Keep up the posts!

  5. This is a very informative post.Word search is very important to get found online.Thanks for all the great tips!
    Beverly Monical recently posted..5 Common Fears About Video

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