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Apache OpenOffice A Free Spreadsheet, Text Document And More…

Here’s a free tool I recommend, OpenOffice. I am all about free tools and I been using it for a few years. It may not be the in-depth functional office tools for everyone, but it works for the fundamental use.

OpenOffice been around for since 1984 and changed names over time. My teenage boys to use it for their book reports and school thesis.

Here’s a quick clip on OpenOffice, enjoy!

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Zoomit versus Camtasia TechSmith Software Tool

Zoomit toolI really appreciate innovative software creators. Rather it is a free tool like Zoomit or a paid tool with free trial like Camtasia, either one it gives you similar usage for your internet purpose.

I know what you might be thinking…. let me guess. Either you may thank me for the free download tool or it may cross your mind I’m cheap. Well it doesn’t matter  because I can deal with it.

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Infographics A Visualization Technical Tool

Infographics is a visualization technical tool, that takes the place of written content. Which represents visual graphic data, that is another way to communicate.

It may illustrate information graphics with maps, charts, text data, and mostly with graphic pictures. We may see them on a daily basis, but never think of them as infographics. For instance, public signs on streets, in schools and on bathroom doors. These are some simple examples, which most of us can relate to and do see these on a daily basis.

Wikipedia recognizes infographics to be a visualization device, for the purpose of communicating with data graphic pictures.

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Pixlr -Vs- Photoshop Graphic Editor Tool

Pixlr is an amazing Free graphic editor tool to apply to your blog.  No downloading the program, just click on the create a new image tab, or open image from computer tab and proceed from there.

Most Internet marketer’s use Photoshop, it is an amazing graphic editing tool, but with much more extensive use to it.

And I think it’s for the more advance graphic designers, and there’s an applied purchase  fee. Get familiarize with a free tool then upgrade to this graphic tool once you feel comfortable.

….A Quick Clip, On How To Use This FREE graphic tool…..

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