Youtube Deleted Video And How To Retrieve It

It’s a social media soap opera online. Lately, the big uproar online is getting your video deleted from Youtube.

For whatever reason validation has no recourse here. IE…. it could be for copyright reasons, complaints for spamming or you as the user, accidentally deleted your own YouTube videos.

Social media networking sites give the public free access to use their social networking sites, so we really can’t complain about it, unless you’re the owner. However, this post is based on the Youtube channel user’s mistake.

Youtube Video Deleted By Accident

This is based on a real incident that occurred with a related relative, who accidentally deleted all of his videos and it only took a click of a button… duh, the delete button. I can’t say what he was doing at the time or what was going through his mind, but he mentioned that all of his videos were checked off for deletion and he only wanted to delete one. Being quick finger on the delete button he didn’t double check and with a click on the button there went all of his videos, gone.

Word of caution, don’t tamper with what’s not broken. Oh.. here’s the icing on the cake, he didn’t keep any of the original videos as backup. Oh my, what a headache! So learn from this mistake! Keep in mind, I have never encountered this before, so this was going to be a new experience for both of us.

In the process, I’m figuring if Youtube let’s show our videos then there has to be some sort of backup host file Yt supports, to retrieve videos or some kind of technical retrieval host. So we persisted with researching and sure enough we figured out how to retrieve his deleted videos and he was very pleased about it. What a brain throbbing experience! I must say…. a job well done!

See How You’re Able To Retrieve Your Deleted Youtube Video

The Drawbacks Retrieving Youtube Deleted Video(s)

  • Literally Starting Video(s) Over With No Records
  • No Video Retrieval Without Using Same Deleted Video Title
  • No Comments
  • No number of viewers
  • Out of order to retrieve Video
  • No Original Date Published
  • No Likes
  • No Video Responses

The Upside To Retrieving Youtube Deleted Video(s)

  • Retrieval Of Your Original video(s) by Deleted Video Title
  • Starting Fresh
  • Optimizing Keyword Rich Content – tags, descriptions and more
  • New Video Content For Google bots – for multiple videos upload one a day.
  • Re-organize Videos In New Order Of Your Preference
  • Attach To New Video Responses – by relevant video content

This post is to encourage and assist you, which makes it possible to retrieve your deleted YouTube video. Of course, there are exceptions, just read the information below this content.

Our greatest accomplishment is that we are able to share it with you, just in case this happens to you or someone you know, use this as reference. Here’s another case to get your Youtube video removed, read further.

Case Sensitive Required By Youtube Authorization Only

On the other hand, here are the latest news on how some celebrities Youtube videos was targeted, and falsely accused of copyright and their video(s) got deleted by Youtube. Obviously it seem as if anyone can make an accusation to get your videos remove, rather it’s right or wrong. It can happen to anyone, as you can see here.

In this case, Youtube has to give you authorization to republish your videos back on your channel. The first scenario, you can fix it on your own, but not in this situation.

I suppose we all have to keep an open mind on things and not rely so much on social media sites to get the word out, but use many other resources as well. If this post has been helpful to you, please leave me a sweet comment and share it with others. Sharing is caring!

Mahalo to your Youtube Success ventures! Lani 🙂


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  4. Grace says:

    I also notice that some videos that I want to watch were deleted… tsk tsk

    Thank for sharing these useful tutorials, Lani 🙂
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    A super helpful tutorial here.

    Much buzz surrounding pulled YT vids recently. I see this post getting some real pop.

    Thanks for sharing your insight with us!

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    Wow! What an awesome site you are running here. You surely are very savvy in tech tools for social media. I will keep track of your post (and see if I learn some).
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