JingPro By Techsmith Expires

JingPro Goes ObsoleteJingPro by Techsmith expires on it’s paying customers on Feb. 28, 2013. I used this software ritually with most of my videos and picture capturing and I loved it.  Although this Pro version is being discontinued, the subscribers account will automatically revert to the free version.

JingPro version cost only an annual fee of $15, the subscribers got spoiled with it and now it’s time to upgrade to another version called Snagit.

* See below this post for the special offer and coupon code, well worth the look and savings.

Jing’s Free Version 

Like I said I used both versions with Jing and this nifty software can get some exposure for you. You don’t have to be a professional video marketer or blogger to use this software, it’s self explanatory how to use it.  Keep in mind, this software is designed by a savvy company that makes it possible for you and I, to get your information out at a low cost or at this time no cost.  Here is how I used the free version with 3 other free online tools to get free exposure for myself to assist others to do the same.

I suppose it is time to amp it up to another cool online tool that gives you more features to use for your online marketing.

Basic Usage Using SnagIt

SnagIt a TechSmith software is a screen shot program, capturing videos and pictures, edit tool and more. . How so… Snagit, provides several useful features such as:

  • blur out sensitive information
  • scroll long webpages or documents
  • Video recording longer than 5 minutes – MPEG 4 & Youtube Uploading
  • Enhance Screen Shots
  • Useful On Window And Mac
  • No Annual Fee – One Time Purchase

Snagit get the Inside information on videos, tutorials, guides, and more to help you get the most out of Snagit. The promotional price is not so bad to convert over to Snagit, the cost is $49.95 with a special purchase offer of 50% Off the original price, good through April 15, 2013. Use Promo Coupon Code: JINGPRO to get Snagit at 50% OFF.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and feel free to share it with others. Or tell us what is working for you, regarding to screen capturing online tools you find useful and affordable.

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