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RSS Submission – A Set And Forget System

A Set and Forget System, just by submitting your RSS Url submissions. These submission directories exist for several good reasons and most blogs, websites and social media has them. Read on further why you submit to the directories, because Google bots still recognizes this format.

In addition, others use this for this purposes, delivering instant updates whenever you create new content RSS (Really Simple Syndication) lets you notify your customers, partners and users instantly whenever you have new post or page available.

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Pixlr -Vs- Photoshop Graphic Editor Tool

Pixlr is an amazing Free graphic editor tool to apply to your blog.  No downloading the program, just click on the create a new image tab, or open image from computer tab and proceed from there.

Most Internet marketer’s use Photoshop, it is an amazing graphic editing tool, but with much more extensive use to it.

And I think it’s for the more advance graphic designers, and there’s an applied purchase  fee. Get familiarize with a free tool then upgrade to this graphic tool once you feel comfortable.

….A Quick Clip, On How To Use This FREE graphic tool…..

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10 Reasons To Implement Social Media Into Your Business

Here are Ten of the most persuasive reasons that you should consider using social media tools to promote your business. Social media is primarily a trend for personal communication between individuals. However, many social media sites have evolved and people have found ways to use them for business purposes as well.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and more can be a great way to generate new business by using your existing network of friends.

Social Media Marketing The Basics:

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