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Creativity Is How To Get More Viewers On Youtube

The more creative you are, the better chance you’re able to catch the viewers attention….

Our priority to our video viewers is to capture their attention and give clarity with your message and make sure to emphasize with details and benefits and have fun doing it.

Be yourself, because being different is what makes you unique over others and it brands you. Since most are so new to online marketing we tend to clone others closely, an in some ways that is okay, until you start to find your own style and then that becomes really cool.

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A Novice Marketer’s 9 Basic Steps

When I first started, I literally was confused, because I didn’t know where to begin. The key is to take action and get started, as soon as possible.

I read and learned by most on going expects, what was working for them and using similar tactics in how they got started. Since more than one was suggesting the same methods, why not go by it.

Yes, I went by some of their ideas, methods and trainings. So I use these 9 basics steps when I first got started. And now I continue to progress with other methods, which I will share later.

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