Run A Website Speed Test And Analysis On Your Site

Website Speed TestThis is old news for Google and people are finally taking them serious. Including me, so I ran an analysis and website speed test on my webpage.

I never ran one before or even knew why I had to, now I know the importance of it. Primarily lessen viewers bounce rate and the big G ratings.

As for users attention span: Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 4 seconds; keep your users happy and engaged by providing a fast performing webpage!

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Revise Your Youtube New Layout From The Default Settings

Youtube New Layout If you have not revised your Youtube new layout channel, in most cases it’s situated in the default setting.

Updates are a must with most social network sites, because it show cases your links and content as free display billboard. So get it out of the default settings.

Why is that…. default setting displays  the videos in random sequence order with no descriptions, unless you go into your channel dashboard and arrange it accordingly. Before the change, the old channel version hid your primary information from the public, unless you scrolled down the page. However, the new version is less than a year old and your video channel has more  SEO exposure than the older version.  Maybe Google is being generous with public information for a change or they have a better agenda for it, who knows.

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Get Indexed By Google With The Use Of Sitemaps

Google indexingAre you using sitemaps on your site? In fact, this is one way to assure your site will be indexed by Google.

As online marketers, we look for simple and clean methods to get recognize by Google and indexed on the search engines.

Although the internet may appear foreign to most of us, but it has definitely has been made easier by those who understand it and create simple tools to use, which I can appreciate a lot.

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Using Google External Keyword Search

Google External Keyword ToolGreat tools come in small packages or big ones like Google External Keyword Search. When I first started with online marketing, I had no inclination in what specific words or phrases to look for and how important common specific word search would impact my blog.

Keywords are the main substance to any online business and if you don’t use them correctly, then your content may get lost in the shuffle. Of course, you’re not only looking for your regular visitors coming to your site, but reaching other unique visitors for global exposure. Which means…. Free organic traffic is what it comes down to.

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Successful Entrepreneurs Is What It’s All About!

Entrepreneurs successful advicesBe open minded to learn what successful entrepreneurs have to say, to possibly get you better results in your own business.

I know there are no guarantees but there are some folks online and offline getting true successful results based on other people advice and suggestions. Life has many surprises, breakthroughs and light bulb moments from the use of trial and errors.

If you enjoy T.V and business, this is a kicking show, I think. They have great business tips, tricks and insights on how to spot a successful business partner with the right company or a thriving invention.

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Modifiy Spam Comments To Increase Your Page Rank

Spam CommentsMake the best to be selective with spam comments by modifying it to boost your Page Rank. Of course, this is based on my experience and how I deal with comment spammers.

In most cases, I’ll give the person the benefit of the doubt and see whose linking to my blog and view what their information pertains to. It’s pertinent to be concerned! Make it a habit to see whose linking to your blog, because one can’t be too careful in what may be attached to their comments.  For instance, dead or error links, adult content and malicious virus links, waiting for you or a viewer to click on it. Unfortunately we have to be cautious and alert in these matters.

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Creating A New Image For Your Facebook Timeline Page

Facebook Timeline Photo picture

Stay On top Of Your Social Networking Sites….

I finally decided to update my Facebook Timeline Fanpage by creating some new photo images and getting familiarize with the new features. I’m guilty I waited till the end. But I got it done. I prefer the old version, but it’s not like we as users have an option. I don’t think I am alone out there, I see a lot of  profiles and fanpages sitting on the old style pages and if they switched over to the new Timeline version they are not utilizing the image features at all.

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Url Shortener, Could It Be A Benefit Or A Drawback?

Bitly King Of Url Shortener ServicesThere are benefits to using Url shortener’s and some draw backs, which I will cover more on. Believe it or not some sites oppose it.

Shorten url disguises the original link and it makes it somewhat difficult for others to determine if the link will redirect you to a good site or a contaminated one.

I must say…. at times I hesitate to open up any shorten link that look foreign to me, unless I am familiar with the person or a site I have dealt with before. Unfortunately, these shorten urls has been abused one to many times.

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Video Plugin For WordPress

 Be creative with your blog by using a video plugin for WordPress. This WordPress plugin will combine your blog and Youtube or Vimeo video gallery right onto your blog page.

Get some control and keep all your own valuable content on your own site. is a God given site for all those who enjoy self hosting their own blog and being in control by sharing valuable content with others, without the worry.

WordPress offers so many great plugins and this one is definitely a thumbs up called Tubepress. I highly recommend it. Plus, there’s a list of good reasons to combine your Youtube channel onto your blog. Keep reading on, my friends.

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How To Clear And Enable Deleted Firefox Cookies

My experience on how to clear and enable deleted Firefox cookies, is to be careful what cookies you are deciding to delete. You may block yourself out of your own sites, as I have experienced. Which I will illustrate here how that is possible.

It can be a pain and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. But once you figure out how to fix it, then it becomes a piece of cake.

Plus if you use these popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox they may attach cookies to your computer. Which is required for recognition for Log in purposes and especially for that particular used computer.

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