A Novice Marketer’s 9 Basic Steps

When I first started, I literally was confused, because I didn’t know where to begin. The key is to take action and get started, as soon as possible.

I read and learned by most on going expects, what was working for them and using similar tactics in how they got started. Since more than one was suggesting the same methods, why not go by it.

Yes, I went by some of their ideas, methods and trainings. So I use these 9 basics steps when I first got started. And now I continue to progress with other methods, which I will share later.

I’m glad I duplicated some of these valuable tips and tools to use. With these 9 basic steps, it has helped me along with my marketing online business.  And I hope it will do the same for you.

Once you get the idea and  familiarize yourself with how to take the small steps then it will lead into more advance steps, as you go along.

Here Are 9 Basic Steps To Use:

1. Company Website: Every Online Marketing company will give you or a monthly service applied, to use there website to sell products and promote your business opportunity.

Many company websites have Squeeze pages with  flash videos that you can use to present your opportunity. These are high tech and are designed to create a wow factor to your prospect.

2. Start Your Own Website: The problem with using the company website is every distributor is using the exact same website design. And it may be hurt your page rank with Google, with duplicate websites.  Plus if you decide to leave that company, your list  may go with the company you’re promoting.

When you decide to take charge of your own business, don’t be shy to create your own online website. The advantage to this is you can promote more than one product on it, if you choose to.  By owning your website you control it!

3. Use An Autoresponder: Building an email list is an excellent way to recruit new distributors. The autoresponder automates all of your follow up and makes it very easy to keep in touch with people.  Plus the purpose of this tool is when a prospect opts in on your website, this autoresponder tool will automatically send them information. To promote your product(s), or video clip to view and etc.

4. Banners For Advertising: Placing your banners on other people’s websites is a good way to get exposure for your business. Most network marketing or affiliate companies have banners you can promote and they are coded with your distributor I.D.  When someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to your promotional product or squeeze page.

5. Start Your Own Blog: Hosting a WordPress.org is even better, because  you own the blog and control it. Or Blogger.com is free, it’s owned by google this is another way to start practicing blogging. Just remember google owns blogger.com and can shut down your blog, whenever they want to. Use both I say, but keep your valuable information on your WordPress.org blog.  These are easy to maintain and a good way to build a subscriber base of readers that could become MLM distributor’s someday.

6. Video Marketing. An easy way to do this to use an article converting company in turn articles into online videos. Then submit them to shared video sites such as You Tube. Be sure to include your website address or your MLM company website URL.

7. Text Ads: These can be placed in free classified sites or online Forums. Which accepts your url, when clicked on by a prospect, they will be redirected to your website, blog or product site. They can also be added to an online newsletter.

8. Email Solo Ads: Using other peoples list to build your business is smart if you do not have a list of your own. There are many pricing levels based on the age of the list, but there are many good buys available as well.

9. Article Marketing:  This is a good free form of Internet advertising, for example: Ezine articles, etc., an online marketing tool. Placing a link in your article(s), links back to your website. Which makes it good for  Google to recognize your link and hopefully rank your website.  But the major reason is to promote your business and brand yourself.

I hope you found these 9 basic steps, helpful in your online marketing business venture. Keep in mind, use as many tools as possible to build your network marketing business, which is something every online marketer should be doing.

I appreciate you stopping by and giving me a moment of your time.  Glad I can give back to others and  share what is valuable to our online business. Please let others know, with a Sweet Tweet, here on my post! Oh, and feel free to leave a comment. Mahalo!

Great, blessings to your online business venture!  Lani

PS…If you need to view more information on How To Build Your WordPress.org from scratch, go here.

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  3. De moncle says:

    Thanks for your fantastic publish. I’ll take the notes you’ve written

  4. Cynthia Gratzer says:

    Thanks so much for the list. Working on Ezine articles is my next step. Would love to get your advice on that in one of your upcoming posts!

  5. Lani says:

    Hey Angie, great to see you here and leaving an informed comment. Mahalo! 🙂

  6. Angie Mitchell says:

    A great list you have here… I would have to say that promoting your own capture pages and website is a far better idea than to promote the companies for sure. A note of warning… if anyone is promoting the companies capture pages, they are building the companies list NOT their own. It’s so important to make sure you are building your list not theirs… a question to ask “If or when I decide to leave, can I take my list with me?” More times than not, you will not be able to and they will not tell you this up front.

    If you are putting that much time and effort into building a business, you gotta be able to have your own targeted list.

    Great looking blog Lani and thanks for your comment as well 🙂

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