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Apache OpenOffice A Free Spreadsheet, Text Document And More…

Here’s a free tool I recommend, OpenOffice. I am all about free tools and I been using it for a few years. It may not be the in-depth functional office tools for everyone, but it works for the fundamental use.

OpenOffice been around for since 1984 and changed names over time. My teenage boys to use it for their book reports and school thesis.

Here’s a quick clip on OpenOffice, enjoy!

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Content Protection For Your WordPress Blog

Protect your content posts and pages on your WordPress blog from being duplicated. I think freelance writers and bloggers can appreciate this simple method to prevent identical content online.

We as blogger’s work hard online to create and come up with valuable information each time to share it with viewers.  So, protect your content from being captured and recycled online.  Plus, finding out that someone else has the same content as yours, can be discouraging.

Google Programmed Robots

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Blogging Is A Great Strategy To Get The News Out

Blogging has its advantages and it can become one of your biggest assets for getting your news out.

Just this method alone makes a business blog a powerful online platform, through strategic methods that may accelerate a successful online development platform.

Blogging is a tool for helping to grow your business and generating revenue through an array of business assistance resources, products, professional services and giving helpful advice. This is how blogging can be an important factor to your marketing business.

Now, a well conceived and executed blog can do great things for your business, provided a genuine resource and personal commitment is brought to the process.

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Socrates Premium Theme For WordPress By Joel Comm

Socrates Premium theme designed for wordpress and made simple to manipulate and design your blog the way you want it to look.

Introducing the creators of the Socrates WordPress theme are Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm, two of the top internet marketing experts in the world. They both have been around for a long time and have impeccable reputations.

You’re able to use multiple Layouts, Custom Header Graphics, Backgrounds, Styles, Social Media And More. Plus, instantly Monetized With Adsense And CB.

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Gravatar Your Comments Globally

Creating your own personalize Gravatar to use on websites, forums and blogs comments globally.

Your Gravatar is a photo image that represents you. When your are surfing online and leaving comments on forums, blogs and websites you are able to leave your mark.  Using this tool is free and very simple to follow and you can use as many emails with your avatar and add all sort of pictures to fit with your email(s).

Simple Procedure To Obtain Your Avatar

Read this before entering original site, so you know what to expect.

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Hostgator – Coupon Code – One Cent Special

Hostgator offers this coupon code 1centhostsaving to save you on your first month hosting.  Read further for more juicy details.

The One Cent web hosting plan and reliable service, that I personally use and recommend. Best of all there are no contract.

You can either continue your monthly hostgator  Baby Croc plan or if u wish you can switch to a longer hosting term or switch to other hosting package altogether. But babycroc will be sufficient plan to use and qualify for this coupon.

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Building Your WordPress Blog From Scratch

Aloha Folks, is it possible to build your own WordPress blog? You bet yeah!  Here is some basic steps for starters.

You don’t have to be a techie savvy person, just willing to listen, learn and apply yourself.

If you’re still uncertain and afraid to make a start it’s okay. There are  services you can pay someone to teach you, or you can pay a person to set-up your blog. But if you’re on a budget like most of us, then I would suggest take action.

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