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16 Personalities Overview Test Results On You!

16personalities Here’s a nifty personality tool to evaluate yourself. I must say it has been spot on for me and I learn a bit more about myself.

Plus with 16 personalities, I was curious to learn more about my boys, being that they are teens now, it’s good to know more about how their personalities are.

Obviously both of them are completely different in personalities, so to explore how they think and operate this site made it possible for me to know more about them. I wasn’t a bit surprised with the results, it gave me an indication in what to expect.

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Success Is For All

Success has no respect of persons and it is designed for all. We can’t say who success is for, only you as an individual know if you are made of success.

You may have the best coach, teacher and instructor to motivate you to success, but if you have no interest to strive toward your goal, then all that is given disappears, unfortunately.

Ask yourself…. What is success to you?

The common success which most of us recognize comes from this infamous cliché, success is based on the form of money and materialistic things. It’s understandable persisting to accomplish our goals, to get a reward at the end.

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Blind Faith Has No Limitations, Literally!

If you never heard about Diane Rose, now you will, she leads her life through blind faith, literally.  She is blind in real life, but through her eyes you wouldn’t think she is.

I recently discovered her video clip, and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to let this blessing be unrecognized. The media encourages pessimistic, dramas and disheartened news in the world.  And when an inspirational story like this comes along, then I’ll make the effort to share it with others, to encourage you.

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Bill Clinton Voices His Views On Direct Sales

Former President Bill Clinton, has been observing the growth and rapid changes in our economy and took notice with Direct sales.

This is what he expressed…. “it is a thriving business exploding worldwide, in these time of economical crisis.”

Sound like he admire where this trend is headed, because it is another form of being in business for yourself and creating economical stability for the entrepreneur.

American’s need to find alternative ways to make a living and survive in times like this, rather you are supplementing your income part-time or full-time start making a change now.

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No Excuses Summit Event Took Place In Las Vegas At The Venetian’s

No Excuses Summit Event took place in Las Vegas at the Venetian. This great community of successful leaders, poured out their specialty in how they do business and what to do to run a successful online or offline business.

It was so amazing to see, wall to wall of eager hungry marketers, including myself, listening and learning to these trainers, coaches and leaders. Absorbing important tips that they offered to us, so we can implement valuable content to our own online businesses.

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Celebrating Fourth Of July 2010

Celebrating 4th Of July 2010.  I am very thankful to be able to celebrate this day with my family and have the freedom to sit and enjoy the celebration.

I thank all the men and women who served and serving in the military for our country.  May God bless them and keep them and bring them home safely!

Here’s a quick video clip of my family, enjoying this day.

Glad we are able to share a clip on the family.  God bless you all and I hope you all had a safe and wonderful day with your family and friends.

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LeBron James Decision In The Making

LeBron James Decision In The Making. What will it be and everyone wants to know, in the sports world.  And he departs as a Free Agent and getting together with other like minded players, in making a decision what teams to go with.  Now is when the real game begins, showing leadership in his future decision, what it comes down.

(Noted by Streetdirectory) NBA: Lebron James with Cleveland Cavaliers been with this team since 2003.  Chosen by the first round draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  It is said during his rookie season, he started in 79 games and was the youngest player to score 1,000 points in the NBA history.

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How Great I Am – Inspirational

Awesome Video clip by Tony Robbins – full of truth and inspirational.

Saw this on Chris Brisson’s Blog.

Thanks for sharing this great video clip by Tony Robbins.  I admire Tony Robbins, outlook in life and how he brings his experiences to life for all to see and share.   Straight from the  heart!

How Great I am And Now It’s My Turn

Here’s a linkHow Great I am Video Clip

You must watch this, great message in the video clip and feel free to  share it with others!

Goose bumps effects!

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