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9 Responses to Yelp A Great Place For Local Businesses

  1. Chan U says:

    I feel this website is very applicable

  2. Xiay O says:

    I wish more people would write blogs like this that come helpful to read. With the fluff floating around on the web, it is refreshing to learn a blog like yours instead.

  3. spyd J says:

    Hi there may perhaps I reference some with the insight the following in this blog if I reference you with a link back again for your web page?

  4. Discount Spyder says:

    Necessary . beneficial to share with you each revolutionary suggestions because of many people at particularly requirement for.Indeed, this will crucial way for the most people to figure out about deal with natural ways to equip the software. Much more definitely provides each vital moments osteoporosis to be aware about it. It can great infatuation to your persons to purchase top kinds of any memories by the specs of using the situation…

  5. Lani says:

    Hey Adrian, drop by again anytime and thanks for your sweet note. In fact, I will be island hoping this week and so excited about it. Take care and success to your business! Lani 🙂

  6. Adrian says:

    Aloha Lani,

    Thanks you for the comment on my post…Also thank your for the Yelp information. I have heard of it but never tried it. Anywhere you can advertise for free is always awesome.

    I noticed you said Aloha and Mahalo…my wife and I were just in Hawaii last month. I love your Island, it truly is a beautiful place, can’t wait to go back.

    Take Care, Mahalo

  7. Hi Lani,
    Thanks so much for sharing this info…I had heard about Yelp “through the grapevine”, yet hadn’t ever got around to following up to find out what its all about…I’ll be sure to do that now 😉 Christine

  8. Lani says:

    Aloha folks, glad I can contribute some helpful tips, take care. Lani 🙂

  9. Alan Sills says:

    Lani Kee,

    Great idea and excellent contribution. I will be signing up today for this service.

    Keep it coming!


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