Implementing Facebook Comment Plugin to WordPress

Facebook Comment Plugin adds value to your  WordPress blog.

I highly suggest to implement this free Facebook comment stream plugin to your WordPress blog.

It allows anyone the option to post a comment your WordPress or facebook comment box. And it includes the Like button.

arrow-red A Reciprocating Machine

The enticing benefit in using this plugin tool, comes down to free viral traffic.  How is that, your friends list obtains up to 5,000 friends on a regular account and a like Fanpage you can add almost unlimited friends and this is not including their friends. The friends list cycle, becomes a reciprocating machine.

And that is when free traffic is flowing to your blog, because you have it connected to the world’s most popular and active social media site that’s generating millions of followers consistently for free, on a day-to-day basis.

arrow-red Applying The Functionality Of This Plugin To WordPress

Don’t be intimidated by this step-by-step functionality process. Pay attention and learn as you go! I am by no means a professional techie here, but I’m tenacious enough to get in there and do it myself.

A friendly reminder, this is a powerful tool to use, so don’t shy away from utilizing it.

Watch the video demonstration, step-by-step in how to apply this plugin and get familiarized in how to do it. I won’t say it’s easy but once you do it, you can do it again! – Go Now And Watch The Video First:

Applying Facebook Plugin To WordPress

arrow-red Instructions How To Apply Facebook Plugin To WordPress

1. )  Login into your WordPress dashboard or back office. Then on the left side menu scroll down and click on the plugin tab.  Then click on the Add New button.  Now, go to the search box and type in {FaceBook Comments}, then click the Search button.

A list of plugins will appear, click on the first plugin by Graham.  Click the install now link and click activate plugin to enable it. It’s now installed on your wordpress.

Next, in the Application settings, a pink box will appear with a red highlighted link, click the link and you will be taken to your Fb account, to retrieve an application ID. This is the primary reason for all these stages, the app ID.

New Facebook Application Users Only: [Skip this if you already went thru this process and go to #2.] Keep in mind, if you never opened a facebook application before you may have to go through some extra steps.

(New User Request For Persmission), to access your basic information and click the Allow button will pop up, click it and proceed with the verification. Select either one mobile phone number or creditcard.

Important! Try not to input wrong code or let code expire, apply text code immediately. Trust me, it’s a pain if you let the code expire or input wrong code. So get it right the first time!

I chose my mobile phone verification and wait till you receive a text code. Then place the code into the box to receive your application ID, once approved it will take you to create application.


2. ) Make sure your facebook account is open, you should be directed to this page +Set Up New Application, click on this tab. As shown below a picture:

Set Up New Application Button


3. )  You will be taken to the create application page. Place any identifiable name in the box, (ie.. your url or website name to identify the app). Click agree to terms and click create application tab.  A captcha box opens, this is a security code check and fill in code and submit.

* If needed: This is a backup link to take you back to the create app page on fb: .

4. )  Still in fb, you will be taken to the create application page, fill in the description box, to describe details on your site or a phrase, ie..Making money. Most of the other information will automatically be filled in, such as your email, scroll down and click save.


Next page, go to the upper left corner click on website url and place your url website link and click save.

5. ) Still in facebook: You will end up on the My app page, Important.. copy the application ID, to be placed in the Wp Application Setting page in the App ID box on wordpress. Go to wp dashboard…. back page arrow or open wp in another window.

Application ID to Copy

6. ) Now you should be in wp and another pink box will appear on wordpress backoffice, and look just below this pink box there is the App box, just paste the fb app code in there. *If this doesn’t pull up, scroll down wp menu to the setting menu and click on facebook comment this will pull up My App ID box page. And paste the App code in this box.

* Optional if you want to customize fb title and adjust width do so before saving update options tab, other than that skip it  and scroll down to save it on update options tab.

7. )  To verify wp saved your work go to the top, click on your blog link to take you to view your blog. Click on text post heading and scroll down to see plugin fb widget. It will appear below your post and above the standard wp comments.

If your blog need to be refreshed then do so, and the widget should appear on each posts.

You’re done and now you can test it out. Congrats, you done It! Tap yourself on the back and now comment in fb widget, so it can go viral on your fb wall. Very cool! 🙂

~ To your achievements and abundance!

Lani Kee 🙂

PS…I hope this valuable fb plugin make it convenient for all your viewers. Please leave me a sweet comment and tweet or a fb Like. Mahalo!

* Troubleshooting Facebook Application ID Code: Useful helpful tip if your App Code is not working, go here: FB expired application code, keep the code it is still a valid code and this is how to resubmit and enable it. It worked for me and I hope it does for you.


* Just a side note – if you totally feel uncomfortable and prefer someone else to apply this for you, then you may want to try this Fiverr – $5 site. I’ve ran into a few marketer’s using this service and they were satisfied with the results, but always do your research.

Optional Resource: Here’s a cool software to use for you clients or your own blog. This software automatically updates all your plug ins and useful video guidelines to get you started. Go see for yourself!


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    Thanks for making the trustworthy effort to talk about this. I feel very strong about it and wish to learn more.

  6. Dante says:

    Thanks Lani, I’ve been trying this for a bit long now but the comment box didn’t show up, after going thru ur post, I gave it another try and it worked, I had to configure some more options though. thnx

  7. khaleed says:

    Thanks for this great article…it’s really help me a lot to set up a facebook comment in wp. Just want you to let you know that I can’t find Graham plugin so I just use other facebook comment plugin it is really simple and the important thing it is really easy to set it up..
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  8. Thanks Lanikee, but I don’t have the “PlugIns” options… 🙁
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    • Lani says:

      @Angela, I appreciate your input and concern on your part. I am sure down the road maybe your version will add this to their application to make it convenient in time. But in the process there are some add on share buttons to use, you may want to check on Google. Mahalo, Lani 🙂
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  9. Jenal Harris says:

    Wow, this is definitely on my list to do in the month of February. Thanks for coming to my site and I am enjoying yours as well. I will bookmark this page. Have a great week
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    hey, thanks for the article. looks rather useful to read…

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    This is very cool!

    I’m no professional techie either…

    But with a little help from friends…

    It sure makes life out here on the internet…

    That much easier…;)

    Thank Lani!!!
    Shelly Allen recently posted..iFrame Embed Code Plugin For Wordress

  12. Vincent Cameron says:

    what a detailed guide, this will be my next project for my blog. I am sharing this one.
    thanks for taking the time to put this together.
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  13. Hey Lani –

    This is a great post!

    I have so many tweaks to make on that it’s time I got on it already – I think your post may have brought that “to-do” to the top of my list (or closer anyway lol). Thanks!

    Appreciate you,
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  14. This is wonderful! The tutorial is simple to follow that even a newbie like me could do it! =) It’s true, as well. How many people would be happy to post a FB comment as long as it requires no additional effort? It’s just convenient, I think, and fresh in their minds.

    Great how-to!
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  15. Idibia si says:

    Interesting, it’s the first time i visit your blog and i like the way you explain the things you have to say. I bookmarked your blog so i can follow you up. Do you have a facebook page too?
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  16. Great information that you have provided, I sent your link to my web developers…Love the feature and great idea…thanks for sharing such great content!
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  17. Val Wilcox says:

    Thanks for sharing this Lani,
    The only question I have is do people use both comment boxes or just the FB? Are there any numbers on how this affects your ranking? Ill have to check into all this. 🙂

    Val 😉
    Val Wilcox recently posted..Celebrate YOU!

    • Lani says:

      @Val, I appreciate your input and thanks for stopping by. Good question if you can think of this like twitter button giving others information about your blog on twitter with your live link, and it’s viral, attracting free traffic. It will appear on your fb wall and anyone has access to leave a comment on both or just one.

      PS..I’ve seen a few successful marketers use just the fb comments on their blog and deactivate the wp comment box. This is great for your business fanpage as well. Just give it a shot, can’t lose, but gain more free traffic. 🙂
      Lani recently posted..Homeless Man Holds His Resume And Steps Out In Faith!

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