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Hostgator Coupon Savings Lately the news is all about crashing web hosting services. Just a few months ago there was an incident concerning update issues shutting down millions of websites.

Now news on Godaddy being hacked, although they said it’s due to service outages. It shut down 5 million websites and their company quickly mentioned that no customers sensitive data was compromised during the down time.

Who knows or who can say what was the real reason for the shut down time. Or what was involved. We all know the internet is involving rapidly and security may not be moving as fast as it should be, since new development is cycling faster than one can start on one project and another new project is being created.

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I would think most customers would want to be  kept informed on any news concerning their security network hosting services. With news like this, it undoubtedly creates its own alarming frenzy, until the matter is under control.

When a web hosting service crashes 5 million online businesses, the public get very shaky about the reputation concerning that company and we ought to, because it conflicts with the integrity of the company if they are taking on more than what they can handle.

You would think that these web hosting services has some backup when they decide to upgrade their system, so it doesn’t shut down online business sites. However, we are experiencing that this is not so nor are they equipped to block these occurrences. Even if they do have backup hardware, I think issues may still occur. There are so many things to maintain, although this is not new, issues like this occurred in the past and may continue in the future.

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Based on my experience, I’ve dealt with Hostgator as my hosting service provider and I have no regrets so far. Although I’m reiterating this again, they should consider a backup device to sustain any up coming upgrades to their services, so websites can stay enabled. Over all, they have been prompt and their customer service is proficient in taking action correcting any down time, due to my own overlooked mistakes.

Hostgator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies. They provide customer service around the clock and they are a perfect choice whether you are looking for business, personal or even Fortune 500 hosting. If you’re considering switching web hosting services than you may want to consider hostgator, not because I recommend it but many popular online marketers use this hosting company.

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Do your own research on Google and hear what others have to say. They are a reliable web hosting company, and they employee educational staffs to assist you.

Here are some critical reasons:

  • 99.9% up time guaranteed
  • Daily and weekly site backups
  • Firewall protection, from outside invasions
  • 24/7 Security to safe guard your site and server monitoring

There are many other useful reasons, besides what is noted. Reliable web hosting is known to provide increase productivity and dependable up time so you can make the required changes on you site and upload it for viewing with minimal time. So make a wise decision for yourself and protect your asset online, with all your valuable content that is irreplaceable and thousands of hours you invested into it.

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Success to your hosting services, Lani 🙂

Optional Resources: Compare the different hosting plans get access here. Hostgator may have other great plans, besides the one cent offer. Check it out for yourself by click on links.

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