Jing Is The Same As Camtasia

Jing will record up to five minutes of video of everything that appears in that area. Point to things with your mouse, scroll, flip through photos, around in a website or application.

Using Camtasia, which is a paid tool, that records your screen. Camtasia is awesome, however Jing (made by the same company) does the job you need for free!!

Elegant and simple, Jing’s minimal feature set keeps the focus on instant sharing. We think it’s the perfect companion to the casual, fast-paced online conversations we all have every day.

Jing has great tools to use as for screen casting for recording what you see and do.

Download the free version of Jing

A few ways to use Jing

Collaborate on a design project

  • family tech support Show Dad how to use iTunes
  • homework Comment verbally on students’ homework
  • Post tidbits from your life on Twitter or Facebook

Narrate on the fly.

  • Share a snapshot of a document
  • Speech Narrate your photos
  • Screen capture videos or any photos

If your computer has a microphone, Jing can record your sparkling commentary at the same time. Since everyone prefers short and pithy, recording time is capped at 5 minutes.

Use Jing to capture anything you see on your computer screen and share it instantly…as an image or short movie.

Share at the speed of conversation.

The moment you’re done recording, your little screen cast movie is ready to upload.

This is a Free tool to expand your business and communicate with others online. So you have another advantage in taking your business to another level using this FREE service. This is so great to know that online marketing is made easy for us to have more exposure for less than what it was years ago.

Feel free to look over this service for yourself , rather for personal means or business.

Download the free version of Jing!

This is a 100% free?
You are given a free Screencast.com account for instantly sharing the screenshots and screencasts you make with Jing! There is a Fee base version, to eliminate Jing logo while in use.

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Heads up to your success!

Aloha, Lani Kee 🙂


Optional Resource: Host service, I’ve been using this service for several years and I current still do. If you’re considering to start your own website, this host service has been very helpful for me.

I do get compensated for the use of this host service. I appreciate it!


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