Eyejot An Online Video Messaging Platform

Eyejot is the first, comprehensive, client-free online video messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications.

It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. Great for personal or business interaction and simple to access.

With no client to install, you can start using Eyejot immediately with any browser, on any platform. It works well with most smart phones.

Another Simple Way of Communicating

Eyejot offers people the ability to easily communicate more naturally with one another through video while still taking advantage of some of the great traits that email offers in terms of working across geographies and time zones, and eliminating spam from the equation.

Joining Eyejot is Easy!

Eyejot easily works with all of the popular Web browsers on Windows and Mac OS X. Chances are, you already have the Adobe Flash Player installed so there is nothing more for you to install.

Here All The Details Here And More..

Here Are Other Video Clips To View, How Others Use This:

Business Online Video

Family Email Video

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New Feature: Display Recipients

They just rolled out an update to the messages interface so that when you’re viewing your sent items you can now select a message and press view recipients button (located in the lower right-hand corner, under the preview window) to list everyone that received your Eyejot.  Not only that, we’ll tell you if it was viewed! This works for all account levels, including those of you using the free version.

If you’re looking for more detail and the ability to receive view alerts by email you should consider the PRO Plus version. It has a number of excellent business-class features.

Optional: Premium Pro Plus Available

Eyejot is currently available in three flavors: free, Eyejot PRO and Eyejot PRO Plus. The free version is where everyone starts and provides very basic video mail service. The PRO and PRO Plus versions offer longer recording times and the ability to upload and send pre-recorded video. And, they also allow video to be retained on the Eyejot site indefinitely.

Use this tool for your clients.  And see if they are able to implement this in their business as well.  Make sure to give them this link so they can get more information on this nifty tool.

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3 Responses to Eyejot An Online Video Messaging Platform

  1. Renata R. says:

    Ola! Lani,
    Along the same lines, online video has been made possible by high speed Internet access. You will be able to create your profile through video web publishing to make a personal advert about yourself. You get to browse through many profiles in the comfort of your home. There is no greater advantage than this. One thing that will be very vital when it comes to online video is having your own web cam. It is pretty easy.

  2. Hi Lani!

    Oh my goodness! Once again you have proven that you are “da bomb” when it comes to blogging! You always have great things to share and my blog has improved immensely as a result of the things that I have learned from your posts. I signed up for Eyejot after reading your blog this morning and also learned how to embed YouTube videos on my own blog posts. I have a blogging Sensei and her name is Lani Kee! The spirit of Aloha is alive and well at LaniKee.com. If I am ever in your town I will have to take you to L&L for lunch 🙂

    A big MAHALO once again!

    • Lani says:

      @Erik, you’re sweet and appreciate the great aloha compliment and input. Glad I can help and you’re welcome here anytime. Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by. Stay cool! Oh, L&L sound good.. lol Lani 🙂

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