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WordPress websites built for you. 

  • Unlimited support
  • worry free reliability
  • custom themes
  • backup
  • security and lots more…

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Video Tools To Use In Your Business: Green screen is an ongoing popularity with home base to  local businesses to promote your products and services.

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Learn how to dominate SEO with any niche. The academy is for all website and affiliate users to receive top search engine ranking and increase organic traffic tips.

Students have inside access to our SEO master plan. IE.. backlinks, RSS feeds, Find High PR and more.


     * Compatible with WordPress 3.0
* Requires Self-Hosted WordPress Sites
* Widely Used on  Niche Websites
* Great for Large Business Sites
* Works Extremely Well for Huge Autoblogs


Integrate this tool to your facebook like page, hardly anyone is implementing this powerful tactic.

Very simple method and strategies to apply, plus 700 million like friends will appreciate this optimizing and monetizing formula.  Social media is an automatic SEO platform to work off of.  Find out how by click here or on the banner.

We give extremely high value training videos that teach you how to set up and build a business using WordPress. New videos each week ensures the highest retention.



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A handful of  online software to guide you through your mission online.  These tools may assist you and enhance your abilities with your online business.
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LinkedIn is the largest Social Networking site for Business Professionals looking to do more business.  With over 100 million members strong, LinkedIn is the ANSWER to your online marketing and social media needs!


Easy Video PlayerSee this simple Video Software to embed your information and link where to direct others to your website or blog with a click of a link within your video clip.

Very useful with your Youtube Videos and see how you can customize the operations with this software.


Until now only Fortune 500’s with bottomless budgets had cracked the code on the ONE crucial piece of the puzzle that turns mobile marketing into an almost effortless customer-getting powerhouse for any “brick and mortar” Main Street biz.


Easy to sell

When newbies are poking around on the net in an attempt to learn the secrets to wealth, they don’t have a CLUE where to start. Amazing Amazon Domination is easy to sell because of name recognition! What does that mean?

Simply put, people see the name “Amazon” and recognize it as a real and trusted site. Instantly they are open to the idea of learning more!

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Make Great Videos Quick, Eliminate The Fuss and Confusion!

Screencast video is great. You just record what’s on your computer screen. You don’t have to worry about video cameras, lighting or even what you look like. And screencast videos can be just as powerful…sometimes even more powerful…than regular on-camera video.

But screencast video can also be confusing, intimidating and frustrating. How do you make crystal-clear, great sounding and eye-popping screencast videos, instead of fuzzy, distorted and hard to hear videos (like most people)? No obligation to check it out for yourself!


Additional Tools To Enhance Your Online Traffic

Firefox Rank Checker.

Want to know where your website ranks in the search results?

Our Firefox Rank Checker extension allows you to easily check your website rankings in Google (US and international), Microsoft’s Bing, & Yahoo Search.

– Page Rank Checker  , this is a free page rank tool and you are able to embed your page rank icon on your website, click on link for display.
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