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Email Marketing with Aweber, has helped over 75,000 businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

AWeber is one of the most well-known and widely used e-mail auto responders on the Internet today. The company, which is based in Pennsylvania, has been a leader in the field of CAN-SPAM compliant e-mail marketing.

I Heart

AWeber was built on a foundation of innovation.

They were the first to provide automated email follow up services and since then they have continued to lead the industry with new features and enhancements to our service. And they actually provide a remarkable experience to over 48,000 customers beyond what they might expect or even hope for, is their favorite challenge.

The benefits of using AWeber

Now let’s be clear, confirmed opt-in is for all businesses, plain and simple. Anyone collecting subscribers and in turn sending email needs to confirm that those people intended to sign up to your mailing list and want to receive your email.

For any online marketer that is serious about using e-mail auto-responders, then becoming an AWeber member is almost a given. The service is very affordable at only $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers and other option savings plans available.

The Following Benefits:

The ability to create an unlimited amount of auto-responders

Creating messages with unlimited length and a built-in HTML messaging platform
Generating unlimited campaigns
Create broadcast messages
The ability to use customizable fields in the e-mail sign-up forms
Track clicks from e-mail messages to links that are included within the message
The use of highly customizable opt in forms
100% automated handling for undeliverable e-mail addresses
100% integrated CAN-SPAM compliance

Building A Client List

Internet marketers commonly expresses , The money is in the list. Which  means building a list is highly essential for your online business to remain in business long-term. And to know you have bonafide clients opting your email request, you have the option to use confirmed opt-in as an opportunity to make sure that your lists are 100% clean and that you know without a doubt that 100% of the people receiving your mail have specifically requested it themselves.

Advance Online Marketers break through with success, the monthly price goes up with more subscribers you receive.

This is when you know your list is growing and your business is progressing!

Increased subscribers List Plan:

Saving Tip: Make sure to keep track of your unsubscribers and ask Aweber customer service to remove any unused listings, this will keep the cost down!

0 – 500 – Included with your Account Plan
501 – 2,500 – $10.00
2,501 – 5,000 – $30.00
5,001 – 10,000 – $50.00
10,001 – 25,000 – $130.00
25,000+ – Contact Aweber

Using An Email Autoresponder

Is vital to your online business, it captures subscribes that comes to your website with interest. Although, there are several other services available for e-mail marketing but few are within the financial reach of most beginning affiliate marketers.

AWeber offers an exceptional value for a very small monthly price tag for anyone just beginning in e-mail marketing. I use there 3 month plan to save more each month and they do offer other plans to save more in the long run.

Also, they offer unlimited technical support with a well organized help section that is available 24 hours a day. Also, using AWeber will ensure that you are always in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act which protects consumers from unwanted e-mail solicitations.

In conclusion, if you are an internet marketer, who is looking for ways to generate revenue from your affiliate marketing business programs, without the fuss of having to do a lot of additional work. Then use this automated service for your blogs and websites with e-mail opt in boxes with Aweber.

What are you waiting for, start building your list now and Go… sign-in.

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