Technology: Internet Safety

Staying connected on the Internet it has its pitfalls, if it’s not done safely!

Using a laptop or a wireless device it is prone for security threats, ie.. with a click of your mouse your computer may connect with a virus(es).

Plus hackers lurking and looking to pick up your signal and impose on your personal information, so be aware what information you are connecting to, in public.

Step 1: Using a laptop or wireless device (smartphone) – think about how you use your computer or wireless device and where you are hooking up at, especially in public areas or using any wireless service to connect. Here’s a Wiki review.

Step 2: Protecting your computer – deflecting security threats, by using complex passwords. Nothing predictable like birth-date, kids name. Stay away from simple password like 1234, or ABC. I am sure you got the picture.

Avoid Identity Theft – Do not use personal information, such as birth-date, phone numbers or address online. Information placed online by you are read, stored and republished.

Beware of “bots” – this is a network of viruses and once it gets on your computer, it may send out for more viruses. To avoid bots on your computer, don’t click on links or open emails or attachments from anyone you’re not familiar with.

Use anti-virus programs – such as McAfee, and Norton, which I use and find it to be the best. It has indicators letting you know which sites are safe to click on.

Step 3: Using social media and other program sites – there areย  privacy setting controls to use and limit your access information to only people you know and trust. Social Media sites are used by all types of people, from all walks of life. These sites are a playground not only for games and interacting with others, but used by cyber criminals, as well.

Online Security Software In Use And Available:

~ Firesheep (Spying tool) a free Firefox extension plug-in, that allows anyone to have access to you Wifi online information, while you are logged in and using a Wifi service in public.

~ WiTopia – a fee base security service, works on laptops, iPad and iPhones. A VPN is a method to protect your online identity and data. I advice to look into and decide what works best for you. Do your research. With WiTopia VPN service you could even connect through the hackerโ€™s laptop and all they would be able to capture is a lot of encrypted gibberish they will never be able to crack.

~ Comodo Internet Security Pro – Read about it. Wikipedia Information on Comodo.

~ HotSpot shield – a free service, with certain restrictions. You best investigate if this is worth your time using this service. Again I always advice you, to do your research.

I know that there maybe a few more other services out there, but this is just a few to consider. So if you use a laptop, iphone or iPad often, you may want to protect your wireless hardware and confidential personal information most of all.

These are some of the fundamentals steps to be cautious online and don’t put vital personal information online for others to use and possibly abuse.

I hope you find this information importantly useful. If so, leave me a sweet comment and tweet to share with others. Sharing is caring, I say! Mahalo!

To Your Online Safety!

Lani Kee ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I’m going to examine this antivirus for myself considering that i’ve heard so much about this. Appreciate it for the awesome brief description!

  2. Aloha Lani!

    Great tips and lots of great resources! Thank you for sharing. You are so knowledgeable
    about all this technical stuff! Mahalo!

    Kellie ๐Ÿ™‚
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  3. Lani says:

    @Holly, thanks for dropping by and I hope this has helped you. Lani ๐Ÿ™‚

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