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Revise Your Youtube New Layout From The Default Settings

Youtube New Layout If you have not revised your Youtube new layout channel, in most cases it’s situated in the default setting.

Updates are a must with most social network sites, because it show cases your links and content as free display billboard. So get it out of the default settings.

Why is that…. default setting displays  the videos in random sequence order with no descriptions, unless you go into your channel dashboard and arrange it accordingly. Before the change, the old channel version hid your primary information from the public, unless you scrolled down the page. However, the new version is less than a year old and your video channel has more  SEO exposure than the older version.  Maybe Google is being generous with public information for a change or they have a better agenda for it, who knows.

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Youtube Deleted Video And How To Retrieve It

It’s a social media soap opera online. Lately, the big uproar online is getting your video deleted from Youtube.

For whatever reason validation has no recourse here. IE…. it could be for copyright reasons, complaints for spamming or you as the user, accidentally deleted your own YouTube videos.

Social media networking sites give the public free access to use their social networking sites, so we really can’t complain about it, unless you’re the owner. However, this post is based on the Youtube channel user’s mistake.

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Blind Faith Has No Limitations, Literally!

If you never heard about Diane Rose, now you will, she leads her life through blind faith, literally.  She is blind in real life, but through her eyes you wouldn’t think she is.

I recently discovered her video clip, and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to let this blessing be unrecognized. The media encourages pessimistic, dramas and disheartened news in the world.  And when an inspirational story like this comes along, then I’ll make the effort to share it with others, to encourage you.

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Using Youtube Video Response Goes Viral

Youtube Video Response is a simple free method to apply to other existing video channels. In fact, it’s another way to attract free targeted traffic to your video channel.

If you ever heard of deep linking within your blog, well this is similar but I call it video linking.

Keep in mind, if you structured your Youtube channel correctly, by implementing your blog, website, or social media links then you should get additional traffic to those sites, as well. It’s one big snowball of continuous traffic to be utilized to your benefit.

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