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Modifiy Spam Comments To Increase Your Page Rank

Spam CommentsMake the best to be selective with spam comments by modifying it to boost your Page Rank. Of course, this is based on my experience and how I deal with comment spammers.

In most cases, I’ll give the person the benefit of the doubt and see whose linking to my blog and view what their information pertains to. It’s pertinent to be concerned! Make it a habit to see whose linking to your blog, because one can’t be too careful in what may be attached to their comments.  For instance, dead or error links, adult content and malicious virus links, waiting for you or a viewer to click on it. Unfortunately we have to be cautious and alert in these matters.

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Do Online Commentators Give Backlinks And PR Support?

Do Social Network Commentators give support by sharing good related comments and feedback’s?  You bet yah!

This is an old SEO tactic, that’s in demand, directing and re-directing traffic to your blog.

How is that?

If you have a strong community of followers or viewers that constantly comments on your posts or pages on a daily, weekly and/ or monthly basis, this absolutely helps boost up your blog in rankings.

And I am not talking about spamming. We are all, guilty in some way or another spamming without knowing it. There are better ways to apply ourselves toward commenting.

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