Disneyland, Capitalizing On Fun

Disneylani capitalizing on funDisneyland, capitalizing on fun what a brilliant marketing concept. When it comes to fun we overlook the cost of it and why not. Money isn’t everything, right!

Creating and combining fun takes a lot of ingenuity to monetize on it and it just doesn’t pop out of thin air. It takes a genius to create such an illusion out of life size costume cartoon characters to animated film pictures to molded vessels of cartoon figurines to hypnotize the fans with entertainment of joy, laughter and excitement.

Monetizing on fun, can’t be the only source of motivation. Walt Disney was an innovator, genius person with a big imagination for fun and entertainment and a successful entrepreneur. He shares similar characteristics as most successful entrepreneurs think, do and manage a prosperous business.

His personal gift to the world was to inspire others with joy, fun and happiness and forget the down falls in the world for a day or two. Based on my theory, acting like a kid again is priceless. This theme park only expresses fun and happiness, which we all should practice how to celebrate it more often. I keep reiterating it, “life should be a fun, rather there is a price tag on it or not”!

A Ticket Pass To Fun And Entertainment

So many people are eagerly awaiting to see what’s on the other side of the gate holding onto their purchased pass to get into Disneyland park. You would think with the price of the tickets ranging from $155 to $200 per person, someone would murmur how expensive it is, but not one said anything about it. Inclusive premium membership give you access to Club 33 exquisite dining to early park access and possibly front row seats to the fireworks display. Don’t forget Disneyland hotel and attractions with your stay. We all have options and choices and at times the cost is well worth it.

Gates open at 7 A.M. and rides start up around 8 A.M. and the rush begins. Once in the theme park you’ll notice every corner there are concession stands, shops selling clothing, cartoon memorabilia, foods to sweets and even lockers to store your things. They thought of everything based on the consumers need.This includes rides that get water splashed on you the stores carries waterproof ponchos costing for $8 each to sweat shirts and jackets for seasonal weather changes. At the end of your day you are happy and yet exhausted taking all the purchased novelties and merchandise with you and repeating it all over again the next day.

Holiday’s And Summer’s Increase On Consumers Funds

These are special times, when people are willing to pay the high cost for tickets, hotel and transportation to have a fun time. We paid a hefty price on the spur of the moment to be here for Christmas Eve and Day celebration, and it was worth every penny to enjoy our time together at Disneyland.

Ie.. there was this cute mature Asian man about 70ish years old and he had the biggest smile on his face and trembling with joy in his spirit and radiating happiness with clapping and singing. At one point, he turned to the crowd near him and clapped his hands and vocalizing with laughter that the crowd all clapped with him. He had a carefree look to him, as if he knew this theme park is his place to show everyone, he is happy as a kid again.

Share your experience on a holiday get away and tell us if you observed how the place strategically developed fun and capitalizing. Mahalo for coming by! Lani 🙂

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  1. Frederick A Hothan says:

    I agree. That’s why Disneyland is a massive success. Who doesn’t want to have fun?

  2. Nice analogy on this post, I suppose if we look at everything in a different aspect but then relate it to a specific topic it all makes sense. As you have done with business and pleasure here. Very nicely done! Thanks!

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