Social Media Sites A Virtual Billboard For Advertising

I believe most Social Media sites give the impression of a virtual billboard for advertising products or services and it’s  free.

Without the use of these sites I’m reluctant to say, what most of us online marketers would have to do, dreading the idea how to get our  message out to others.

What if we had to revert to the old marketing ways  like cold calling, newspaper, home group gathering and the door-to-door knocking to pitching your deal. I suppose we should count our blessings for innovative technology inventions.

Technology makes the world smaller because we are all connected for all different reasons, but for one primary reason.. it’s all about people.

It’s A Hot Trend For Online Marketers

This hot on going trend is affecting all social network sites from home-base businesses to online marketers. Where they are strategizing and utilizing these site for the beneficial purpose of reaching out to others through displaying their products, services, trainings and/or recruiting new prospects into their business.

As well as commercial businesses are catching on and utilizing social media for the same purpose to advertise their business.

And most television media refer you to go check out their twitter or facebook page for more information. However, these sites were primarily created for game players, and young adult groups building relationships and socializing among each other. This is not the case anymore.

The popularity and obsession of these sites are stirring up a frenzy of people to gather in hot spots for business and pleasure.  So this makes it a perfect place to integrate your business blog, website or promo links. IE.. Click on the link to see how my billboard poster.

Here’s a tip: with certain sites using to cloak the affiliate link or banner, a filter is used to by pass or block the use of the link. Just another spam correction occurring online.

View This Video To See What Is Possible

6 Reasons To Join Social Sites…

  • Free To Join
  • Instant Targeted Traffic and free traffic
  • Useful Applications To Apply Logos, Links and Business Information
  • Integrating websites, blogs and other social media sites
  • Monetizing with products or services
  • Search Engine Optimization Links Attraction To Your Blog Or Promotion

Implementing Restrictions With Limitations

I believe most social media site owners are recognizing how their sites are being utilize by online marketers, MLM, and commercial businesses. Due to the high demand of online users, they are setting some barriers for advertisements with the use of affiliate links, banners and publications. Even with their paid Ads, they request to keep the publication to a non-selling approach.

Keep in mind, if the user overlooks their terms, the site owner have the option to shut down your account for No reason and this applies to over saturating your advertisements online, which is considered as spamming.  Also, be cautious if there are complaints by other users that you are spamming their wall, page or channel you don’t want to get banned. Just be considerate and play by the rules.

Other than that social network media is a phenomenon. It’s truly a win, win situation! If you created a social billboard of your own tell us how you did it?

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some creative ideas how to design your next social site like a billboard poster. Feel free to leave me a sweet comment, tweet and Like and share with others.

To Your Success,

Mahalo, Lani Kee 🙂

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10 Responses to Social Media Sites A Virtual Billboard For Advertising

  1. Hamish says:

    Social media sites are incredibly powerful these days. The fact that they have so much data on their users – their profile info, the things they like, their surfing behaviour, their location – makes them an ideal platform for laser targeted advertising.

    They are also used more and more by some of the key target demographics. For example, my two teenage sons hardly ever watch TV these days. I would never have imagined that even a few short years ago.

    Most of their entertainment comes from YouTube, spotify and other entertainment channels on the web.
    Hamish recently posted..B&N Launch New Nooks – Does This Mean War?

  2. It is so great having this social media available as a means of communicating to the masses! Isn’t technology great!? This is truly a valuable asset.

  3. I love using Social Media. Because I run a business from home, social media is a lowcost but effective way for me to really get my brand out there.
    Melissa Austin recently posted..Running

  4. Steve Rice says:

    Social Media sites offer a direct link to the market and also instant feedback for the business/marketer. We no longer have to do expensive market test groups. We can take a product directly to our potential clients and get instant feedback on what they like/don’t like, etc.

    This is invaluable info to the business owner.
    Steve Rice recently posted..Go for the Gold- but Set Your Own Bar!

  5. Hi Lani!

    The thing about social media is how amazingly powerful it is, and what small businesses are able to do with it to keep that competitive edge with their much larger counterparts.

    As long as they keep it social –like the name implies! People go to these sites to have fun, so why not just keep it fun?

    Delena Silverfox recently posted..epc Belfast

  6. Val Wilcox says:

    It’s amazing how Social Media sites have changed within the last year or so. Businesses are promoting contests and all sorts of interactive connections through the use of these sites. Hasn’t taken long for them to realize they need to go where the people are. It will be fun to watch what changes come up this next year. Always on the go and it’s good to have you to sort it all out for us.

    Val 🙂
    Val Wilcox recently posted..Healing What Hurts

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