Use Google Plus Comments With WordPress Plugin For Social Interaction

Google Plus Comments Social media gives us the upper hand to interact with others, just by adding Google plus comments to your WordPress blog with a plugin. Also, this may potentially drive traffic and enhance your SEO on your blog by others leaving comments.

Trends ignite followers who has a motive and this feature is a motive mover. Don’t take my word for it, you see it all the time in everything.

How do I know this… I have used this similar feature with Facebook comment plugin, and with this plugin I was able to connect with others and receiving comments from my social media site right onto my blog post. This is an unavoidable marketing tactic, which  connects others with you. I must say…. what a powerful feature to utilize! Here’s a sample of it!

Social media plugin pctr


It’s obvious… people enjoy interacting and leaving their inputs on topics they can relate to and Commentators  usually leave informed information that others can use or learn by.

Adding Google+ With WordPress Plugin: To install: Make sure you’re login on your Wp blog and on your G+ profile, then go to your Wp dashboard menu and scroll down to the left side menu click on new plugins and next type in the box – Google plus comments. There will be a list of plugins to choose from, I would install the plugin by Alex Moss. Always do your research if you’re not certain, which one to choose from. Once you install this plugin, these are some of the pros and cons to look for. Enjoy!

Feature Benefits the Pros:

  • ~ Able for tagging, removing, and sharing commenting
  • ~ Integrating social media with possible search rank.
  • ~ Possible high rank for long tail keywords
  • ~ Integrating strictly being on your blog – make sure to be logged in on your G+ profile
  • ~ Potential SEO benefits by users sharing comments from your site
  • ~ Google authorship helps with possible increase in your traffic
  • ~ Connects you directly to the commentators Google plus profile
  • ~ Does not interfere with any other comment plugins
  • ~ Share via G+ Streams – appears on your blog immediately
  • ~ Trend motivator with followers

Feature Cons or Drawbacks:

  •  ~ Lack of comment sync of any
  • ~ Comments belong to Google plus – if profile turned off or terminated; Comments may  disappear permanently
  • ~ Some existing comments may not show up. Be aware of this and not alarmed.
  • ~ Hopefully Google don’t find this plugin violate it’s term. Just saying!
  • ~ Based on Google login or works with most third party login
  • ~ Drops your current comments under G+ comments
  • ~ Some spam may show up if they shared your information. But some spam maybe filtered out.
  • ~ If your post is popular, it may get lengthy on your blog. So expect this at times.

If you use other comment plugins like Live fire, Disquise and etc. they may not be social media friendly. In addition, Google plus social plugin exposes your blog and post to others and give access to your product and services or even to your email optin box. These are some of the basic benefits in using this Social media plugins.

Again, this plugin is a preference to who ever wants to use it. I still prefer to use fb comments for now. Leave your feedback on your pros and cons, using G+ plugin on your WordPress blog. Mahalo!

If you find this post to benefit you, I appreciate you spread the word by sharing it on your G+ profile, facebook, tweet or leave a sweet comment here. Mahalo for stopping by!

Aloha to your G+ plugin comments success, Lani


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  1. Mark Murray says:

    I still prefer to use Commentluv plugin though.

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