Facebook’s New Location Check In Service Feature

You may NOT be aware of this, new feature added onto Facebook…  Read on Why, you may want to know more on this feature.  Facebook new addition called, Places is a location – based check in service for Facebook users.

With Facebook Location Check In Service, you can find  locations based on your physical proximity and you are able to add new locations.  Friends can tag you, when you check in.  It appears that this may be similar to a GPS navigator, finding a location your are currently searching for.  In this case, you are locating the User, whose check in or login to their account.  Should this new feature raise a concern on your online privacy?

View Facebook Location check In Service In How It Works

Facebook New Location Feature, May Only Apply To

This feature may be only be available to the most recent iPhone app update or on a mobile browsers that support HTML5. (HTML5 – are devices that handles video content and uses Apple Safari,  Firefox and Google Chrome).  Future updates on other devices, may apply.

Remember, this is a feature that is automatically enabled on your Facebook account. You must physically go into your account to disable it. View the video clip to disable, these 3 check in tabs.

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We all have different views on certain subjects and in hope, when new things arises it is based on a positive impact and put to good use, for all.

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8 Responses to Facebook’s New Location Check In Service Feature

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  2. Leona says:

    Great post on Facebook Places. I have turned this feature off on my end because at this time I didn’t want this on my profile page. I have been using Foursquare but lately not as much.

    It’s great that you are showing everyone how to deactivate if they want or keep it the way it is.

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  4. Awesome post Lani! Thank you so much for showing us where exactly to go in our settings! I love screen shot videos cause I can stop the video, go to where you are, then follow along! All of these security settings can be confusing. Much mahalo!!

    Kellie 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..2011 Is Already Your Best Year Ever – The Final Step

  5. chanel O says:

    By any signifies I’ll be subscribing for any feed and I genuinely wish you write-up as shortly as much more quickly

  6. Lani says:

    @Donna, time is of the essence, I say and the connect has been made..Lol Thanks for your sweet comment. Lani 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for explaining this. I was totally unaware of this issue on Facebook.
    I was just checking some of my past blogs and found you there. My apologies for never seeing that. Awesome blog Lani, Will be checking back to you soon,
    Donna Merrill

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