Facebook Launch Lookback Video, To Celebrate Their Ten Year Anniversay

facebook lookback video movieFacebook launched a new feature called look back movie video to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

The  billions of users didn’t take long to make it go viral. It’s a collage of personal pictures dating from past to present. To access your look back video login on your fb profile and click on link. It’s automated: Facebook.com/lookback

Featuring Look back Movie Video: A quick 62 second video viewing a persons Facebook personal pictures dated from when you first started with fb to the most recent dated pictures of you.  We all like to celebrate with new things and look back movie, is one feature to enjoy and experiment with. Plus who doesn’t like to reminisce about themselves through video.

Although, remember new stuff may be temporary or it maybe in the makings. Keep reading to see what I mean. Oh…. nothing bad that is.

Remember Facebook is About Facebook!

Of course we know, social media is all about people and interacting with each other. Facebook sure knows how celebrate their 10 year anniversary with some shaking, rattling and rolling by indulging the billions of fb users, with their movie video launch. Way to go, Facebook!

We know if it involves people, not everyone will be happy. This is what happens when you try to alter the original workmanship of the look back video.

Expect This: ( If you tried to edit your movie video.)

  • -Editing or deleting a picture(s) – no video run
  • – Revising video on timeline, 6 pictures may appear only
  • Video may not be available to all users: only to those who set their account to certain language use. ex. English, Spanish.. etc. or how often you post on your facebook. See LATimes for more details. See picture below, which tells it all.
  • Maybe available in us for about a month. Due to their celebration kick off!
  • – These are some of the issues fb users are experiencing. Read more about what issues are occurring if you tampered with fb lookback movie and what to avoid. Most are noted here, based on the top 2 list.
  • Best advice follow the simple directions and leave it alone.  If you made any changes and experiencing issues see link below.

facebook lookback info

For editing assistance go here: Look back edit help

You’re able to launch look back video on your profile and on your fanpage. Again depends on how much you posts on your facebook site.

Watch Video Review the differences with posting and non-posting on Facebook:

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Mahalo, Lani 🙂

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