Clearing Google Search History To Get Real Search Results

Google search history positions your keyword phrases to appear on the first page of Google search homepage.

As online network marketers, we strive to be positioned on the first page of Google search page, even if it takes competition, dedication and diligent work on our part to keep it there.

Why…. so when others are searching online for keyword phrases, hopefully your content show up on first page of Google. This will give your site free traffic and possibly buyers and followers, with whatever you’re offering.

Understand this…. if you’re on the third page and higher, people don’t have the patience to search deeper. Think about it…. do you!

Keywords Entices Google Search History Personalization

As network marketers or online marketers, it is vital to use keywords phrases, keyword tags and titles to be found on the first page of Google search home page.

However, Google search history personalization works hand in hand with past search activities, such as blogging, back links or related searches. So well, that they created cookies to keep specific related search words appearing time after time on your computer automatically. SoΒ  it makes your keyword searches easier to be found while surfing online. However, not only Google does this but most popular browsers does it like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and so forth. Here’s how you may disable Firefox browser cookies.

  • Disable Or Clearing Firefox browser cookies – go to top menu to tools, click on it.
  • Next Go To Web Developer – then to disable cookies menu and chose what works best for you. Always research what you are about to pick.

Google search history Personalization appear fixed because ….

Web History – based on any repetitive related searches, and blogging done by the user (you) and using the same computer for all your past and present searches.

By now it should be obvious to you how cookies are used on your searches, due to repetitive usage on the same computer and using the same keyword phrases and utilizing your blog or site over and over again. This references most of your repeated information with cookies.

Most of the time we are unaware of this back references, and you’re cheering on your own information for appearing on the first page of Google and it is not so, most of the time.

Your locations and different use of another computer may vary with Google’s search placement as well.

Yes, I don’t want to break your happy bubble but it’s true. Keep reading on and see how you are able to disable Google cookies. Think of it this way, it is better to know what technology is capable of, then not knowing.

Turn Your Speakers On And Watch

Clearing Or Removing Google Search To Obtain Real First Page Placement

Disabling Google Search History For Real Search Results

Okay remember to always clear the browser cookies for real search history results and keep applying yourself to get your great work on the first page on Google search.

A Simple Method Clearing Google browser search history – here’s a temporary way of doing this, go to the url or address bar and place this code at the end of the url address information. Use this Code: &pws=0 then immediately click enter. Your content will shift it to the real search page result. See the illustration for code placement.

I prefer to use this method with individual searches then eliminating all my cookies, since some sites require the use of cookies. This temporary solution is better than nothing.

Using Google Search history clearance – this page will show you some in-depth details how to do clear cookies from your Google browser. It may be more involved than needed.Β  Keep in mind, you don’t want to turn it off completely. Reiterating some sites require the use of cookies. Always do your research, to see what works best for you.

Now…. you are aware and it’s in the open, and you know exactly where your content stands.Β  Woo hoo!

If this has been helpful to you, please leave me a sweet comment, and Tweet and Like to share it with others.

To Your Online Success, Mahalo Lani πŸ™‚

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  2. Mark K says:

    The computer is a great means of accessing whatever information needed through the internet. When a person surfs the internet, the URLs of all the visited sites are stored in a cache folder. Though it is possible to clear the history of sites visited by clearing the browser history, it is only with the help of good internet eraser software that it is possible to completely get rid of these files.

  3. Lisa Kanarek says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, Lani. You learn something new every day…I definitely did!
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted..To Do or Not To Do…It’s All in the List

  4. That’s an important point to share Lanikee!

    Without knowing where you’re actually ranking for a keyword, it’s hard to see how much work you need to do to improve those rankings…

    Personally I found the easiest way is to open an Incognito window in Chrome, but that’s still a little annoying.

    It’s a good example of ‘intelligent’ technology being a little stupid from time to time!
    Jym | Marketing Blog recently posted..SocialMonkee: Your Bananas for Nothing and Your Backlinks for Free

  5. Pj Zafra says:

    Hey Lani,

    Great tip here! Never heard of this before so definitely a great thing to learn! Thanks for sharing and keep it up! πŸ˜€
    Pj Zafra recently posted..7 Keys To Liberating Yourself From Fear

  6. Hi Lani,

    Helpful tips here, thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Erupt Your Home Based Opportunity with 1 Simple Twitter Tip

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