Website Grader Show Off Your Score

Website Grader Can Show Off your Score and help you see what need improvements on your website or blog.  There are so many helpful websites out there and tools to use.  Discovering this website and urged me to share it with you, so if you find it to be useful then maybe you can do someone else a favor and share this with them.

Website Grader

Website Grader by HubSpot – Get Your Score For Free

Grade Your Website

Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.

Is Your Website Working?

How well is your website doing? Is it getting traffic? Does it have SEO problems? How popular is it in social media?

Find out the answers for free. Just enter your website URL and click Generate Report. We’ll do the rest.

How does HubSpot’s software & advice help

your business grow?

It’s simple really.

  1. HubSpot helps you get found online by more qualified visitors.
  2. HubSpot shows you how to convert more visitors into leads.
  3. HubSpot gives you tools to close those leads efficiently.

And because HubSpot integrates sales and marketing activities, you get end to end marketing analytics that help you make smart marketing decisions!

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HubSpot’s vision is to provide a (killer) marketing application and provide great advice to small businesses enabling them to leverage these disruptive effects of the internet to “get found” by more prospects shopping in their niche and to convert a higher percentage of prospects into customers.

Most small businesses have a website that behaves like their old paper-based brochures, but just sitting online. It is rarely updated, is not given significant visibility by the search engines, has low traffic levels, does not encourage return visits, does not enable/track conversions, etc. What HubSpot does is transform that relatively static website into a modern marketing machine that produces the right leads and helps convert a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities.

If you find this website useful, I appreciate you leaving a comment of tweet.

Hope this information is helpful to your business and heads up to your success!


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