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Most blogger’s  work hard to get indexed with Google.  This useful Ping tool is very simple to apply to your blog, with just a click of a button.

Simplifying the term “Ping”,  a ping is a message sent out from one computer to another. The other computer then sends an acknowledgment back – a bit like ping pong.  If we don’t get a response back then either the other computer is not enabled or there is a problem with the connections between computers.

What Is The Purpose Of A Ping?

First of all: It gets your site indexed with Google and other search engines quickly.  Plus numerous times I have optimized a post for search engines and published it, followed by a “Ping” and the page was indexed almost immediately and post ranked in Google.  Don’t take my word for it, and go try it.

Secondly: Be the first one to Ping, your new post. Why… You may have heard of “scraper sites” – sites that “scrape” your post and then put it on your blog. For testing purposes, try this: Put a post up on your blog and wait for a couple of weeks. Go to copyscape and SEE where it has gone on the web. You will see at least a couple of copies maybe floating around out there.

View How To Use Ping Services Tool With WordPress

Claim Ownership Of Your Post…..

Don’t be surprised if someone already claimed your content. The search engine credits the original owner of the new page or post, to the first one that sends out a ping to be found or ( indexed).

In-conclusion: This should give you a real reason to take care of matters, quickly. Just “ping” after each post. Fortunately in WordPress, there is a solution. Use a plugin called Sitemap Generator, that generates a new sitemap (taking into account your latest post)  and this plugin, pings all in one step. Solidifies everything  in a click of button. Download the plugin and install it, with the files under Content – Plugins.  Activate it and it’s ready to ping your next new post.

Once you’re done with your new post and click publish it. Then, go to the OPTIONS menu in WordPress. After activation, there will be a menu item under options called “Sitemap”. Click on that and click the “Manual Rebuild” button.

Simple steps as that!

[Simple Formula: Post great content – Publish – Ping] Posting to your blog or adding pages to your website should be a process as if you are washing, rinsing, and repeating.

~ Simple and Effective ways to get where you want to go, on the search engines with more detailed information, click here: WordPress blog, Update Services.

Optional Ping Listing Services: updates may vary with links enabled.



  • An alternative is Feed Shark, which pings over 60 services for free.
  • Feedburner users can use the Feedburner Pingshot service, which will alert most popular ping services.
  • The Smart Update Pinger (requires registration) and the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugins provide future post pings, logging, and avoid sending any ping notification when editing previously published posts. The Smart Update Pinger also provides correct extended ping request handling.

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Build It To Your Success!

Mahalo, Lani Kee

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I do get compensated for any person part-taking in the resource link. I appreciate it!


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  2. Chatde says:

    A very dedicated service and can be applied anywhere you want and get better results. Excellent brief and this article helped me a lot. Say thank you I looking for your information

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  7. Sinem I says:

    Great information very nice thanks a lot.

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  9. Melinda says:

    Ping dienste sind perfekt, da sie meist die Artikel oder News schnell nach Google bringen können, da der Googlebot diese Verzeichnisse öffter absucht und euren Links dann folgt. Klasse sache, hab nur positives daran gefunden. Gruß Daniel Kamp

  10. RAY VEGA says:

    You are Awesome my Friend !!I really loved your info great entrys!!!

  11. Lynn Brown says:

    Really good info here Lani. Especially that you offer the list of ping sites. I will certainly share with my clients and twitter followers!

  12. Gerald Gigerl says:

    Hey Lani,

    wow that is a very helpful and tricky post. Was looking for a way before to submit my blog or pages faster and also wanted to reach more sites and people, so this one rocks!

    Thanks for sharing your strategy!


  13. Yorinda says:

    Hi Lani,

    great explanation on the pinglist. Thank you.

    The Pingler sounds good too. Do you do both?
    I have an onlywire plugin which posts the post when I publish it to 39 social bookmarking sites, which also allows people to share to upto 39 sites with one click.

    Thanks again.
    To your Succcess

  14. Roz Pearcy says:

    I didn’t even know what a ping was so this is awesome! I will be implementing this asap! Cool tip Lani 🙂

  15. Lani says:

    Hey Walter, appreciate your feedback and glad I can help. Sweet! 🙂 Lani

  16. Walter says:

    This is a valuable information for me Lani. I’m really putting much effort in maximizing my blog and this is very helpful. 🙂

  17. Lani says:

    @Erica, glad I can help. Come by anytime for more new updates. Mahalo, Lani 🙂

  18. Erica Brooks says:

    Thanks Lani for the Pingler information. I’ve tried it out and it works like a charm. Very easy.

  19. Lani says:

    Hi Becky, good to have you here and you’re welcome to come by anytime. Sharing our thoughts and ideas is all that matters. Mahalo, Lani 🙂

  20. Becky Johnson says:

    Hi Lani,
    Great bit of information, I will be using that one, and will visit your blog often for other great tips.
    Becky Johnson

  21. Lani says:

    Aloha folks for stopping by and appreciate your lovely input @ Cathy and @Chuck good to hear simple tools as pings still exist and works, thanks again! Lani 🙂

  22. I am glad to hear that this is still important. I had not heard much lately, but awhile back, many were saying ping and blog. Also if you change anything or add anything to your post then ping it again. Also I always use the url for that post not the general url.

  23. Cathy F says:

    Greetngs from Texas!
    Thanks for the info on pinging. I joined your google friend connect. I’m looking for more ‘friends’ also. I have 2 other websites as well as the Cathy Working From Home, DrawAndPaintSchool.com and DeutschFriesenhahn.com

    Will tweet your post.
    Later…. 🙂

  24. Lani says:

    @Omar you could give a shot on all your new posted information and see if the ping services accepts it. I have tried, individual pages to other things, so yeah why not. Like I said if the ping service takes it cool, just keep persisting until one of the services accept it. Oh I answered your question on MLMF as well thanks! @Val, thanks for your up lifting input and being on FB. I will visit your site as well 🙂

  25. Val Wilcox says:

    Great info ab out how important pinging your posts are. An automatic ping service is vital to reaching out with your new content. Thanks for sharing the other ideas aosl.
    Val 😉

  26. Omar Briones says:

    Hey Lani,

    I really appreciate you! 🙂

    Have a couple questions for you… Hopefully you can help me:

    Do you think we should ping everything we do online? – Not just videos & blog posts, but ezine articles & hub pages, etc?

    And when you ping something, do you ping the direct link to the video/post? Or do you just use the URL of the main channel/blog?

    Thanks so much, Lani!!

    You rock!


  27. Lani says:

    Aloha Erik, appreciate your input and glad I could help. That’s all that matters. Sure will stop by and see your site. Stay cool! Lani 🙂

  28. A big Mahalo for that post! I followed your lead and got some extra ping links added to the writing section of my dashboard. Awesome layout you have on your blog here! I may have to ask you for some pointers to spruce mine up. Please take a look if you have time.

    Thanks again and keep in touch!


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