SEO Quake Researching Your Competitors

Seo Quake a Free tool to check on your competitors. Also, it allows user to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters on the internet with their well designed toolbar.

With lot’s of direct information that are gathered and managed in your own way by choosing which information you want to appear when making use of the toolbar such as Google page rank(PR), Google, Msn & Yahoo index, Google Msn & Yahoo link domains, Whois, Alexa Rank, Delicious,Technorati & Digg index among others.

It is a powerful tool for Mozilla Firefox and for Internet Explorer, aimed at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites.

Every page you view, using SEO Quake, will show SEO parameters and information, that is fully customizable by you. General set of parameters consists of such parameters as Google PR (Google PageRank of current page), Google Index (Number of indexed pages. Google version), Google link (Number of links, pointed to the current page. Google version (Except links from concerned domain)), similar parameters for many other search engines (Yahoo, MNS, Yandex, Rambler, Baidu) and some other miscellaneous parameters.  IE….

* Google PageRank – A definite hot topic for SEO professionals, does it really matter. The answer is yes and no. Yes, it matters, because it’s ultimately the “ranking” of your trust within the online community as measured by links coming into your site from other “authority” sites (and other factors). The theory here is that the higher your ranking the more “trustworthy” the site and it’s content is. With SEO Quake, you’ll be able to understand your PageRank in comparison to your competition and those that you want to connect with online.

……….Learn How To Use SEO Quake!…………..

Get More Knowledge On This Powerful Tool SEOQuake Advice

Sensitive To Google, See Why: Avoid From Being Banned

Word of advice just because a tool is Free to you, make sure to learn how to use it. Use this tool in moderation and don’t abuse it. Obviously, Google can recognize a powerful tool, to enhance your page rank and more.  So don’t abused it, and  have fun with it.  I use this tool to a minimum and not as much as other experts may use it.

Usually an effective tool as this,  may bring you  better results in your search, but the draw back of it may be to sensitive to its own use, and it has its restrictions.

Enjoy this free tool and utilize it wisely!


PS… If this tool is to powerful for you, then use the alternative:

Optional tool: Host service, I’ve been using this service for several years and I current still do. If you’re considering to start your own website, this host service has been very helpful for me.

I do get compensated for the use of this host service. I appreciate it!

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  1. Max Turner says:

    Hey Noelani
    Thank you for the great info. SEO Quake can certainly help your ranking and understand what competition you have more accurately.

  2. D. Fij says:

    thank you for sharing, but it is really hard for seoer

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