Online Community Groups Has The Upperhand

How is that online community groups has the upper hand, well think about it….

First of all, it’s a cohesive organization of people actively interacting with each other to create a more amiable online environment, by sharing helpful tips and strategies among one another.

Plus with unbiased and open ended groups, you are able to mingle with other groups of different interest, which may follow through with that so called cliche, “to make you a more well rounded person”. This tactic is ideal for specific groups that may fit your niche or purpose and act upon it.

Online Community Groups, Making A Shift

I’ve been noticing a shift with online marketing groups, they are developing specific independent group of communities by using social media platforms and other online resources. These groups are becoming savvy and creative within their groups and they are constantly developing new materials and trainings. My theory of looking at it, is the power house of community bonding.

Community Groups Create Backlinks And Attracts Google Robots

Due to the high activity and interacting connection within community groups, it attracts Google robots to search out, where is the activity coming from, especially from social media sites and by placing your link on social media sites, this directs other bloggers to go to your blog.Β  And hopefully they leave a sweet relevant comment to give you backlinks, and with all the activity occupying your blog, guess where the robots are crawling now, your blog and giving it some Google Luv.

If you’re new to online marketing, being solo, doesn’t help your site gain interest nor does it create any back links on its own, and it may be more challenging to make your blog post Google robot friendly. There are SEO softwares to tweak your blog, but eventually you will still need the help of a community group to gain recognition by the robot crawlers. Gosh these robots and spiders, relish active blogs with good valuable content and links. And there are more incentives belonging to a group(s), but this is just the basics for now.

On top of that, if you’re participating in a blogathon, then community groups are a perfect way to get exposure to your latest post(s) and add value to it.

The Benefits Belonging To Online Community Groups

Of course, lately most of these groups are coming from social media sites, like facebook. So far, I’m in 15 social media groups and other developed groups online, and I enjoy the camaraderie. And just recently I was invited to this group called, Spam And Anything you want, group on facebook and there’s over 2000 members in this community. I can’t say if the members love the freedom without all the restrictions, but the numbers of members speaks for itself.

Here are some specific groups, getting tons of activities online. IE… blogging online community groups, Facebook Get β€œLike” group, Tribepro group and so forth. The great advantage with these groups is that you are not imposing on them, because it is based on invitation or request of acceptance only. What an awesome way to brand oneself. My primary reason is to interact and create relationships with others online, and even if it has to be only by sharing my blog posts with others, then I am satisfied with that.

Social Community Groups Keep Your Site Alive

I suppose, I could rant about how there are one-to-many groups popping up like weeds online, but the matter of fact, there are some darn good groups showing up with awesome blogging materials. This is one way to get out-of-the-box and start mingling with professionals, amateurs and rookies and learn from each other. Start generating your own productivity and give others the free will to connect, if they want to. We have the choice and option to be selective with groups, to join by our request or another invitation.

When I first started with marketing online, I didn’t know how to connect with others without spamming them. And I may be guilty of it, but I didn’t know any better then, but now I know. Providing valuable content is the way to go.

Don’t Be Bored, Use Your Switch Off Community Groups

If a group doesn’t provide what you want at the time, then guess what you can switch off and connect with another group that best suit your delight, for the time being. There are no rules to say one group is better than another, but I do have to say there are great blog information that is being provided to perk your interest and keep your learning abilities peeked. I am glad that there are creative social groups providing there services to most.

So keep your options open, you never know what social community group may have to offer or what group may ignite you to progress you to the next level. If you enjoyed this post and you want to practice community self service, please leave me a sweet comment, tweet and like to share with others. Sharing is caring!

To Your Community Group Success!

Mahalo, Lani πŸ™‚

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13 Responses to Online Community Groups Has The Upperhand

  1. Hi Lani!

    Aloha! First, thanks for dropping by my site. It’s been awhile!

    Anyway, I know that having your own established community online is a great way to really increase traffic to your site but it also requires great effort to be in constant communication with all of them.

    For now, Facebook is working fine for me as one of the social media sites that I’ve been connecting with peers, colleagues, prospects, family, and friends. Perhaps, if I do get the luxury of more time in the near future, I could check out these online community groups.

    Thanks for sharing this post! Have a great week ahead of you!
    Elmar Sandyck recently posted..Google Wallet- Anyone

  2. Hi Lani!

    Great reading on this post. Currently I am not too familiar about Online Community Groups so it looks like I have something new to check out. As always, people walk away better off after seeing what you have to say.

    Mahalo and Aloha!

    • Lani says:

      @EriK, good to see you here and glad to give you a new trend of a approach. I think with changes, comes new development to build anything we want to accomplish. Use what works and jump in and join what is working not only for others but for you. Let others know who you are and start branding yourself. Mahalo, Lani πŸ™‚
      Lani recently posted..Online Community Groups Has The Upperhand

  3. Very true.. Being in an online community groups is great where you are able to meet people under the same niche and learn from them. πŸ™‚

    Lynne Quintana recently posted..Best Practices For Coaching- Sale Delayed Easily Made

  4. Ganhar Dinheiro says:

    Excellent article, I loved the information.

  5. Aloha Lani,

    Oh, I love online community groups and blogging tribes! That’s how I met you right? I have connected with so many friends after I joined just one tribe! Then I branched off to others like you said, if you like it, stay, if not go find another group of wonderful people!

    And I learn so much from knowledgeable people like you Lani! Everyone has their strength and they all share them so freely. I feel like I have friends who are experts at practically everything!

    Thank you for your great post! You always share such great tips!

    Kellie πŸ™‚
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..Do You Believe In Cooperation Or Competition

    • Lani says:

      @Kellie, you’re to sweet to me and share such kind and encouraging words. Yes, we did meet through these wonderful group and we continue to admire and respect our love of passion online. I’m pleased to know and stay in touch with such blessed people who know what they want in life and don’t mind sharing it with the world with humbleness. Mahalo, Lani πŸ™‚
      Lani recently posted..Online Community Groups Has The Upperhand

  6. Bill Gelwick says:

    Online groups are, without a doubt, a powerful thing. I have found the groups on most social media sites the place to be. From Facebook, to IMfaceplate and even tribepro that you mentioned. Groups are a great way to mastermind with like minded individuals and even meet new people. I have met some really great friends through these types of groups.
    Bill Gelwick recently posted..Big MLM Tip of the Day- Sponsoring Mistakes – Leading With Your Product or Opportunity

  7. Pro-bloggers are phenomenal when it comes to building new communities and networks, as well as finding and inviting new members to join their numbers and thus increase both the power and effectiveness of those communities.

    Sometimes I wish it worked as well for other niches as it does for bloggers. I’ve attempted to join several similar communities in my own niche, but one thing I’ve learned about online moms: they’re brutally cliquish and not nearly as welcoming as the blogging community is!

    Delena Silverfox recently posted..Procera AVH Coupon Code

    • Lani says:

      @Delena, I appreciate your comment and for stopping by. Since I’ve been working online I have noticed this cliquish manners from certain groups, but then ignored it and further my skills. Because in due time as your progress with you online abilities, the table turns to your direction and there are those who will appreciate what you have to offer. Mahalo, Lani πŸ™‚
      Lani recently posted..Online Community Groups Has The Upperhand

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