Success Is For All

Success has no respect of persons and it is designed for all. We can’t say who success is for, only you as an individual know if you are made of success.

You may have the best coach, teacher and instructor to motivate you to success, but if you have no interest to strive toward your goal, then all that is given disappears, unfortunately.

Ask yourself…. What is success to you?

The common success which most of us recognize comes from this infamous cliché, success is based on the form of money and materialistic things. It’s understandable persisting to accomplish our goals, to get a reward at the end.

This has been a fact for many generations shown through business and sports, with people and animals or both, with a goal in mind is to win and get the trophy. Nothing is wrong with that, but what is the true goal of success in mind. The trophy or the person?

At times, success comes in a different form and rarely and temporarily noticed. Read on to discover, success is fallen in love with oneself and your own talents. I find it a blessing to recognize and acknowledge great stories like this and I hope others can appreciate it, as well.

A True Story Of Success Has No Boundaries

In this case, a twist of Fate and Faith became a natural phenomenon of success for this young man and how his persistence for his love for basketball miraculously worked wonders with his combination of luck and his belief, in himself.

Jason McElwain, a 17 year old, autistic young man, made a different impact from the other players and he didn’t put a limitation on himself, because of his disability. He stayed focused on his skills and positive attitude. Rather he knew it or not, it came from him. His commitment and dedication in practicing his game, all came threw for him, at the end.

Watch Here And View How Success Is For All

Success Defines Great Potential For All

After 3 years as an assisting coach manager, you would think J Mac, would have a bad attitude because he didn’t get to play, but only to assist his teammates with supplying them with towels, water and motivating his team, because of his autism condition.

I like his attitude, Jason didn’t flinch at his duties he enjoyed and love the sport and didn’t mind motivating the players. He has a winning attitude! See how he finally gets his break and naturally takes success by the ball and scores not one time, but six times, three point baskets, one-after-another. I think the other team was so shocked that, they just stood there watching the ball go in. Amazing!

On the clock there is only 4:19 minutes left to the game and Jason, gave it his best and made it a success for him and his school. With the grace of faith from his coach and some of his teammates prayed saying, “God, let him  just to make one basket” and he did better than that.

He went out with a bang and became an instant celebrity in his school. In-addition, J Mac, had a chance to meet former Pres. Bush, Oprah and popular basketball player Magic Johnson, due to his success in the sport he loves. This was his last year in high school and the beginning of a new life.

Here are a list of greatness that comes with success….

arrow-red Self Esteem                    arrow-red  Being Magnetic         arrow-red Reach Out To Others           arrow-redEncouraging Others     arrow-red Transformation       arrow-red  Optimistic Mindset

arrow-redAccomplishment       arrow-redA Dream Come True

arrow-red Passion                                       arrow-redIn Love In What You Do      arrow-red Dedication     arrow-redCommitment            arrow-red Other Peoples Faith In You               arrow-redConfidence      arrow-red Never Quit…. etc.

It is hard for me to overlook stories like this, because true success is not only in the forms of things. But it lies in the persons mind, body, and spirit is where true success comes from. Without people, success would not exist.

Now go find your success and do it for you and the love of your own talents to share with others.

Let it not go unrecognized and share this with others, by a Tweet, Like and leaving a sweet comment, to uplift and giving grace one to another.

To All Your Success, Mahalo Lani 🙂

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15 Responses to Success Is For All

  1. Aloha Lani,

    I loved that story and video so much! And yes I agree with you, success is for everyone.
    It brings tears to my eyes as I watch stories like these. Jason is truly an inspiration and a great success story!

    And may I say that in my eyes, you, my dear friend, are a huge Success story and an inspiration to many. Thank you for having the courage to do what you do and to truly “follow your heart”. Your “heartbeat” is heard and felt throughout the world.

    Much aloha & mahalo,
    Kellie 🙂
    Kellie Hosaka recently posted..Oprah’s Lifeclass Recommendation

  2. Ralph L says:

    I really like your concept of success, sometimes, we are just pay too much attention abouth how others see us, and think a real success is a public success.
    Ralph L recently posted..Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Team Crest Rugby Navy

  3. Radu says:

    Hey Lani,
    It’s great to meet you and your blog.
    Super inspiring post here. I love the video with Jason. Another clear proof that the only limitations we can face in life are self imposed.
    Great words in the end: success lies in mind, body and spirit…when your full being generates passion, faith, gratitude and determination everything is possible.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Keep the posts coming 🙂

    All the best,

    • @Radu, very sweet input on your end and glad you came by. I believe most of our own success does lie within us and it depends on how we reach in for it and manifest it in life. Success has its own unique ways in how it makes a break through for that person and the effects.. go happy and joyful crazy! Mahalo, Lani 🙂
      Fundamental Techniques – Lani recently posted..Success Is For All

  4. Lisa Kanarek says:

    What a great story! Knowing that his teammates and coach were his biggest cheerleaders was the best part. Thanks for sharing this.
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted..How Public Relations is Like Dating

  5. Ann says:

    Lani, that story goes straight to my heart. I had a cousin who was autistic, but he could never have done that. Even so he was a special person. Because of him I was a substitute teacher working with the special people for many years. Thank you.

  6. Ellie Di says:

    Yes! We have got to get away from this mindset of success being all about money and material wealth. It’s about community, love, Self, joy, and so much more. When we focus too much on making money as our means of succeeding, we tend to forget those other things, which makes us truly poor.
    Ellie Di recently posted..Selfishness: The Needs of the One Serve the Needs of the Many

  7. I luv this story Lani! #1 – I crave inspirational figures, luv the kid. #2 – I am a huge basketball fan and have played the game for over 30 years. I know how difficult it can be to put the ball in the hoop, and this kid’s courage and achievements are quite amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..The Most Spot on Online Business Advice Ever

  8. Mindset makes all the difference to success. It helps too if someone else sees your potential and supports you in making a difference. And success is personal. Thanks for the post
    Roberta Budvietas recently posted..Assumption makes an Ass of U and Me

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