LeBron James Decision In The Making

LeBron James Decision In The Making. What will it be and everyone wants to know, in the sports world.  And he departs as a Free Agent and getting together with other like minded players, in making a decision what teams to go with.  Now is when the real game begins, showing leadership in his future decision, what it comes down.

(Noted by Streetdirectory) NBA: Lebron James with Cleveland Cavaliers been with this team since 2003.  Chosen by the first round draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  It is said during his rookie season, he started in 79 games and was the youngest player to score 1,000 points in the NBA history.

In 2004 he was a member of  United States Olympic team, which went on to win the Bronze Metal. And his achievements doesn’t stop there, in fact he has a resume of great accomplishments  documented and his list continues on.

Athletes Are Trained To Have A Mindset

To make it in anything you have to have a mindset, determination and the will, besides talent.  Most athletes will tell you, it takes a lot of drive and determination to succeed in any sport. In order to effectively attain their goals, most athletes look up to a role model for guidance and encouragement during both the good and bad times.

As for LeBron James, that man is Michael Jordan, his mentor. On a T.V. interview, he admittedly said he looked up to Michael Jordan.  Including, posted tons of posters all over his wall of Michael Jordan, basketball pictures. James chose number 23 in honor of his role model.

In addition to sharing talent and greatness, some athletes also share the same birthday. LeBron James and Tiger Woods share a December 30 birth date, which is just another sign that James is destined for greatness.

A Personal Touch Of His Up Bringing

I can appreciate talented sport players that give it all they got and don’t mind sharing there personal lives in how they got there. LeBron, shared how he came from a single family home and they didn’t have much and lived in a rugged neighborhood. Worrying about his mom, getting home safely.  And how he had to grow up quickly and be the man of the house at an early age in his up bringing.  He’s very down to earth and love and respects his family.  As he mentioned before he ended his personal interview on T.V.

What Connection Does Lebron have  With Network  Marketing?

A lot, first of all, he had a mindset plan and steps to follow in  how to play the game. And formulated strategies to play the best games and winning it.  Having a coach or trainer, to improve his game and increase his talents to another level.  If you enjoy sports and follow it all year around, then you can relate to these players how they have to make decisions everyday of there lives.  And keeping there head in the game and continuously working at it.

Similar scenario to Network marketing, there are  steps that is required to reach our goals.   We can have all the talents in the world but if we don’t have a proven successful system to guide us, then we will be spinning our wheels in getting no where.

The Real Game Begins With Leadership Within YOU!

If  you don’t have a grasp of these concepts of leadership and what effect they will have upon you and your business building efforts then you could be committing yourself to a slow death in network marketing industry before you even start.

In business, whether it’s online or offline business, how you begin will often determine how you will end up. So it makes sense to begin with the end in my mind by making right choices in regard to leadership from the very start.  This is a simple list to keep in mind.

  • Take Action and get Started with a service or productive you can relate to.
  • Find a leader who is willing to teach you how to duplicate success.
  • Brand yourself – people need to know who you are
  • Training to develop your abilities to lead others
  • Be teachable
  • Never Quit

Leadership Qualities

Keeping an open mind in what is working for others and duplicating it.  Willing to follow through with a proven plan and applying it to yourself and your business. Don’t re-event the wheel if is it already working.

These are general ideas of what you can apply to yourself in making a decision for yourself.  Become your own Free Agent as LeBron James, and make the right decision what will work for you and your future.

I hope this sport concept was helpful and if so, drop me a sweet note or Tweet. I appreciate it!

Heads up to your Decision in becoming a Leader,

Mahalo, Lani Kee

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