Content Protection For Your WordPress Blog

Protect your content posts and pages on your WordPress blog from being duplicated. I think freelance writers and bloggers can appreciate this simple method to prevent identical content online.

We as blogger’s work hard online to create and come up with valuable information each time to share it with viewers.  So, protect your content from being captured and recycled online.  Plus, finding out that someone else has the same content as yours, can be discouraging.

Google Programmed Robots

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Social Media Sites A Virtual Billboard For Advertising

I believe most Social Media sites give the impression of a virtual billboard for advertising products or services and it’s  free.

Without the use of these sites I’m reluctant to say, what most of us online marketers would have to do, dreading the idea how to get our  message out to others.

What if we had to revert to the old marketing ways  like cold calling, newspaper, home group gathering and the door-to-door knocking to pitching your deal. I suppose we should count our blessings for innovative technology inventions.

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Blind Faith Has No Limitations, Literally!

If you never heard about Diane Rose, now you will, she leads her life through blind faith, literally.  She is blind in real life, but through her eyes you wouldn’t think she is.

I recently discovered her video clip, and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to let this blessing be unrecognized. The media encourages pessimistic, dramas and disheartened news in the world.  And when an inspirational story like this comes along, then I’ll make the effort to share it with others, to encourage you.

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Connecting Youtube Videos To Your Facebook Like Page

A God given gift with using a site that made it so simple to connect my Youtube video channel to my facebook Like page.

When I am browsing on my facebook page, I noticed that there are only a few folks using this awesome feature.  So I figured I will learn it and share with others.

Implementing this feature to your facebook page, can absolutely add value, free traffic and a personal touch for others to know what you have to offer.

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Finding Success With Non-Traditional Marketing Methods

Using non-traditional marketing methods are becoming a new public awareness, and receiving better results.

For instance, utilizing the internet for our own publications, we’re able to create and formulate our own products and services and find unique ways to publish it. Without the traditional third-party involvement.

We can’t expect to use the same traditional marketing methods and approaches and expect to get different results.

People are becoming Savvy online, and self-taught by using the internet. Traditional schools, publishers and advertisements are being overlooked, due to the cost and unproven results. So with using non-traditional marketing strategies, we are able to shorten any drawn out process and corner the market in a matter of time. Plus avoid the costly over head and hiring employees.

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Using Youtube Video Response Goes Viral

Youtube Video Response is a simple free method to apply to other existing video channels. In fact, it’s another way to attract free targeted traffic to your video channel.

If you ever heard of deep linking within your blog, well this is similar but I call it video linking.

Keep in mind, if you structured your Youtube channel correctly, by implementing your blog, website, or social media links then you should get additional traffic to those sites, as well. It’s one big snowball of continuous traffic to be utilized to your benefit.

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Implementing Facebook Comment Plugin to WordPress

Facebook Comment Plugin adds value to your  WordPress blog.

I highly suggest to implement this free Facebook comment stream plugin to your WordPress blog.

It allows anyone the option to post a comment your WordPress or facebook comment box. And it includes the Like button.

arrow-red A Reciprocating Machine

The enticing benefit in using this plugin tool, comes down to free viral traffic.  How is that, your friends list obtains up to 5,000 friends on a regular account and a like Fanpage you can add almost unlimited friends and this is not including their friends. The friends list cycle, becomes a reciprocating machine.

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Homeless Man Holds His Resume And Steps Out In Faith!

Here is a unique situation that doesn’t happen everyday.

Ted Williams, a homeless man from Columbus,Ohio, steps out in faith and shares his hidden talent.

He has an amazing voice, that most radio stations, and media shows would love to utilize.

Ted Williams holds his resume to get the word out and he is the true deal, and backed it up.

His cardboard resume starts off with this, “I have a God given gift a voice..” watch his personal video clip interview, how he ignited his dream.

Ted Williams Resume

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3 Free Online Tools By Camtasia, Google And Microsoft

Here are 3 well known companies Camtasia, Google and Microsoft, and combining their resources of free software tools you are able to create your own videos online.

Also with the use of one of these free tools it will automatically make your video go viral. Exposing it to viewers 24/7 worldwide.

In fact, Google purchased its subsidiary company called Youtube for 1.65 Billion dollars. This is some serious cash and business out there.

So, if you’re a newbie to online marketing or considering starting your own online business. You may want to start experimenting with these tools by branding yourself and getting exposure.

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Blogging Is A Great Strategy To Get The News Out

Blogging has its advantages and it can become one of your biggest assets for getting your news out.

Just this method alone makes a business blog a powerful online platform, through strategic methods that may accelerate a successful online development platform.

Blogging is a tool for helping to grow your business and generating revenue through an array of business assistance resources, products, professional services and giving helpful advice. This is how blogging can be an important factor to your marketing business.

Now, a well conceived and executed blog can do great things for your business, provided a genuine resource and personal commitment is brought to the process.

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