Martha Stewart A Savvy Successful Entrepreneur And Marketer

As a savvy successful entrepreneur Martha Stewart, share tips on how her business became successful offline and online through marketing “how to” product information.

First of all, she incorporated her talents from what she learned when she was a child. She saw her mother making her own clothes to wear.

However, before Martha, transitioned into her present lifestyle business, she ventured into other avenues such as modeling to earn extra money, and then became a stock broker to continue her education. Then she opened up a catering business, which blossomed into many different directions in her present lifestyle business.

She marketed by writing her own published books, magazines and shows on television and currently on the internet. Later in her life, you will notice she reverted to what she knew as a child and made it a successful niche for her business.

Impressive Google Search On Martha…

Marissa Mayer,  VP with Google announces Google stats reveals how Martha is successfully receiving every month 37 million viewers, readers, listeners and followers by using online marketing tools. She is hip and enjoys Tweeting, using Facebook and now on Google+ and she interacts with her community. I must say..these are very impressive results. Keep reading to get a pinch of what she is sharing and how she is doing it. Really!

I have read a few successful stories what is out there, but Martha Stewart takes the cake. No pun intended. She’s focused, knowledgeable, passionate, hard worker, webby savvy and loves to cater information to her social community. She recognizes success by looking at a person, business and trends and she can identify if it’ll work in her niche.

Don’t underestimate a woman who loves cooking, crafts and entertainment, she operates a successful business and she is not shy to share it with everyone.

Martha’s Entrepreneur Advice And Tips

  • ~ Find a void in your interest and expertise                                    
  • ~ Building an original plan with your void
  • ~ Make it enticing, highly desirable, and Important

So many other people continues to come back to you, for advice, solution and results.

IE.. with Google they monopolize the search engine and we don’t have a choice or any other way.

Three Important Lessons To Know

  • ~ A niche that interest you and others
  • ~ Creating content to fill in with value, beauty, appealing and well made. ie..    Google maps
  • ~ Continue to update with new trends by keeping things current and see what is out in the up coming markets.

Be An Avid Explorer – (Beware of Distractions)

  • ~ concentrate on what is most profitable for you
  • ~ What interest others and in demand
  • ~ Growth potential and what’s profitable

Martha Stewart And Marissa Mayer, Chat About Business and the Internet

Using Technology In Her Business

From the words of Martha Stewart, she like to stay on top of her game. With new products, services and technology. She mentioned, Google changed her business by making it more possible to be were the customers are at and fulfilling their needs. She interacts with thousands of customers through blogging, surveys and product knowledge on a daily basis. She enjoys her social community by letting them to get to know her and sharing value.

She’s incorporated an iPad App into her business to display her magazine products and making it easy to access. Martha, explained how the internet make it more live, vibrant and visual images for her customers and users. She also mentioned that she uses the Nook, to keep all her reading materials in one place to retrieve it when she need it. Although she smiles and say, it is convenient but yet confusing, probably the part in organizing the order of the books.

Her final note: using Google+ she loves to reach out and share to the vast amount of people. To see what they have to say and keep her fans in tuned in what she is doing.

I Underestimated Cooking, Crafts, Food And Entertainment

I’m going to be straight up with you, anything to do with Martha Stewart, I had no interest. Why..because I only saw the surface of her business, which pertains to crafts, food, art and entertainment. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy these topics, I just didn’t view it from the business perspective angle.

Maybe others can relate with me and let’s take the blinders off and see her for who Martha Stewart is. She is a successful marketer and a serious entrepreneur, so take her advice and learn from it.

I am intrigued by her business expertise views! And so glad I gave myself a chance to notice what she has to offer everyone. A full blown value presentation!

If you can see the same value, share it with others with a tweet , Like and leave me a sweet comment…. I enjoy it all.

To your success, Mahalo Lani 🙂

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  2. Lear Parners says:

    Interesting story. Ben Franklin once said, “What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens.” Despite the bevy of unfortunate events, Stewart continually looked at the future. She saw the company as a thriving entity with tremendous growth and maintained a public persona equal to her vision of success. Never pouting. Always smiling. Martha looked to the distant future overlooking what she saw a temporary inconveniences. AMazing!
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