Be Aware Of Advertising Tracking Cookie Spying On You

Advertising tracking cookie Some of your favorite and well known browsers are getting penalized for secretively using advertising tracking cookie on consumers.

Have you noticed when you visit certain website for whatever reason, and then you open another new site, its banners or advertisements displaying the exact product or service you viewed prior.

Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and etc., they have cookie attached to your computer to track your online surfing.

If you feel like you’re being spied on you are, without your permission. In fact, the motivation is to monitor your shopping and buying habits. Most marketing experts in commercial businesses use tracking tactics to promote their products and services, to entice you. In a creepy and silent way, their ads show up to trigger your hot buying button.

Intrusive Use Of Technology To Track Consumers

It’s a fact that the big “G” agrees to pay $22.5 million in fines for violating consumers privacy. Plus they had to sign a 20 year company pledge agreement with the FTC agency, not to mislead consumers about its privacy practices. Which I read, *Credit to Arizona republic for this article. “Google agrees to $22.5 million fine.”

Again, this popular method is used for online tracking called snippets of computer codes, known as cookie. Basically to impose targeted advertisement markets to pitch you.

Because Google was caught using such intrusive technology they immediately withdrew this method of technology and marketing manipulation. I suppose we can look at this penalty as a FTC slap. Although I feel, there are still some of this going on, because I still recognize familiar use of advertisements when I go on new sites and the prior information continues to show up. Also, there are other types of cookie, as I noted here below.

A List Of Terminologies In Cookie To Recognize:

It’s a must for most marketing companies to monitor consumers buying habits. For the use of session management, personalization and tracking. This strategy Cookie derived from “magic cookie” a packet of data program comes in and goes out unchanged and used as computing computer programming. IE….

  • Session cookie – exist while the user is reading or navigating the website.
  • Secure Cookie – only used thru HTTPS
  • HttpOnly – supported by most modern and popular browsers.
  • Persistent – will outlast the users sessions.
  • Zombie – automatically recreated even if it was deleted.
  • Super cookie – with domain to be the same or sub domain of the requested host.

There are various usage with online cookie and it’s vital to enable them on your computer. This is based on my experience with cookie clearing and deletion of them. Its a no, no….. not all codes are bad.

You will notice some cookie are used to give you access to login to a website, known as the browser settings. I learned quickly when I deleted all my Firefox cookie on my computer and I had to immediately re-enable it. Again, this is another form of cookie to be aware of.

So if you’re unable to sign in on your website or any other social sites, just review the link on deleted firefox cookie. In this case, monitoring and tracking for purchasing purpose is not recognized with these cookie code, but strictly for login access.

Keep in mind, this is a general coverage to keep you aware of and not to panic if you feel that you are being spied on. Some are harmless, compare to others used for theft. But that is another topic to cover on.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If so feel free to share with others what you encountered with cookie while marketing online. Also, please share with a Tweet and Like.

Mahalo to your sugar cookie success,

Lani 🙂



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