Revise Your Youtube New Layout From The Default Settings

Youtube New Layout If you have not revised your Youtube new layout channel, in most cases it’s situated in the default setting.

Updates are a must with most social network sites, because it show cases your links and content as free display billboard. So get it out of the default settings.

Why is that…. default setting displays  the videos in random sequence order with no descriptions, unless you go into your channel dashboard and arrange it accordingly. Before the change, the old channel version hid your primary information from the public, unless you scrolled down the page. However, the new version is less than a year old and your video channel has more  SEO exposure than the older version.  Maybe Google is being generous with public information for a change or they have a better agenda for it, who knows.

Are you one of those: I see so many video channels sitting without any revisions done to it and this includes online marketers, as well.  It’s crazy to see that some are not willing to stay on top of the new changes.

On this post, I’ll make it as simple as possible how to update your video channel. Remember just because you know it, not everyone else does, so share it with others. Here goes!

A Quick Video To Get You Started

Update Changes On Youtube

  • Creating a channel is done all on Youtube and it’s Free to use
  • You have the option to connect your Google+ site, to your new or existing YT video channel
  • Login to your channel on the upper right hand corner is a drop down menu, to give you access to your channel settings. My channel, video manager,  etc.
  • In addition, with relevant video try to integrate them on your channel, for more traffic visits.

Channel Settings is were you’re able to operate how you want to display your videos. Plus add a background and personal information with links.

Youtube Channel settings

Make sure to check the feature box and click the featured tab and it will give you more options to chose from. Once you decide from one of the style video boxes you want, don’t forget to check apply or done editing tab to save your current settings. These are some of the basics to refer off of, see video for more details.

Shown below is the style video boxes to chose from:

New Youtube Video Feature TabKeep in mind, most of us are visual and we find it much easier to see it and then read the content to get a better concept in what is involved with a project. And video will always be a big topic to get to the masses. Now if you have no idea how to create a video, here are some free tools to guide you with and get you started.

I hope you found this post helpful, feel free to leave me a sweet input and share it with others by Like and Tweet it. If you have any other helpful suggestions to add here, please don’t hesitate to jot it down.

To Your Video Success! Mahalo, Lani 🙂

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I do get compensated for any person part-taking in the resource link. I appreciate it!

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  3. Kelvin Myles says:

    Hi Lani, I’ve only just started to use YouTube so this is really valuable information for me. I’m playing around with Camtasia at the moment and Easy Video Player looks like an amazing add-on to combine with it.

    Kelvin Myles

  4. Greg Johnson says:

    Youtube displayed their new format layout for your videos, it just depends on your choice. I specialize in that field and what ever makes it easier to use for your business and marketing online use it. This post shows how simple you are able to use Youtube for the novice and the amateurs. Thanks!

  5. J.D. Meier says:

    Very nicely done … I really like how you spell it out simply, show by example, and make it real.

  6. Ileane says:

    There are so many different settings we can change on our YouTube channels! It’s hard to keep up at times so thanks for the video, it’s very helpful.
    Ileane recently posted..Take Your Small Biz Videos to the Next Level with Viewbix

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