How To Clear And Enable Deleted Firefox Cookies

My experience on how to clear and enable deleted Firefox cookies, is to be careful what cookies you are deciding to delete. You may block yourself out of your own sites, as I have experienced. Which I will illustrate here how that is possible.

It can be a pain and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. But once you figure out how to fix it, then it becomes a piece of cake.

Plus if you use these popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox they may attach cookies to your computer. Which is required for recognition for Log in purposes and especially for that particular used computer.

Firefox Cookies For Entry Login Purposes

  • Blog(s) – personal or admin submission
  • Email – Yahoo, MSN, Aol and etc.
  • Social Network sites – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more
  • Google Personalized Cookies – in addition, I recommend you learn about this cookie which is based on repetitive use, regarding your computer and sites. click on link for later use.

~ In addition, e-commerce Amazon and affiliate promoters utilize cookies for tracking and Identifying present and future purchases. Affiliate or clicked on link is based on what site you viewed that day and you’re tagged by these cookies and that person who endorsed the promotion get credit for it by attached cookie recognition. It may expire 10 to 30 days or more, if not deleted.

Online cookies have their Pros and cons but primarily made for useful purposes.

Watch How To Clear And Retrieve Your Deleted Firefox Cookies


If you can’t log in on your site(s) most likely it may be related to your cookies. God forbid it’s been hacked.ย  However don’t panic, where there’s a will there’s a way. Keep reading!

Clearing Firefox Cookies

Be selective with what site links to clear and once you’re done viewing a site immediately clear the cookies if you’re not going to return to that site for further viewing or hopefully you have an anti-virus that does it for you.

Clearing Cookies – first method go to the top of the tool bar, click on it and a drop down menu appears.

Click on Page Info.. Link then press on Security button. Next press on View Cookies.. button and clear the selected cookies that is not needed.

Use your discretion!

Following to the next step if necessary…

How To Enable Deleted Firefox Cookies

If you inadvertently cleared your Firefox cookies, here’s a helpful tip how to ย  enable it. Similar to the first step to clearing cookies.

Enable Deleted Cookies Steps: Go up to tool bar menu and depress on Tools link then scroll down to Options.. linkย  click on it and it will automatically open on the Privacy box.

Next scroll down from Privacy link to Exceptions.. Tab depress on it and another box opens displaying description information in what cookies are stored in the box as sites – allowed and status – blocked.

Of course the block status click on Remove Site button and close the boxes. Final step go back to log in site and refresh site and proceed to log in and it should open into the site dashboard and it’s fixed. Pretty simple and amazing now you’re a pro.

My experience as an online marketer, are your solution to get results. So please leave me a Sweet comment, Tweet and Like to share with others. We are all one community to assist each other!

Mahalo To Your Online Venture, Lani ๐Ÿ™‚

PS.. Feel free to voice your opinion on any experiences you may have encountering with any of the browser cookies?

ย Optional Resource: Host service, I’ve been using this service for several years and I current still do. If you’re considering to start your own website, this host service has been very helpful for me.

I do get compensated for the use of this host service. I appreciate it!

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  1. Hello Lani,
    Great information here… I have been using IE but recently I switched to Google Chrome which I like very much. I was used to deleting my cookies with IE but I have not done it with GC… Is it the same process as Firefox? Thanks for reminding me to look into this…
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..7 Ways To Correctly Grow Your Business On Social Media

  2. Great tutorial Lani … and I want to compliment you on the quality of your video! So many times video tutorials are either dark or the sound is poor – your video is excellent! My first visit to your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more ๐Ÿ™‚
    marquita herald recently posted..What Do ‘Successful’ People Do Differently Than the Rest of Us?

  3. I Prati says:

    Hello, I appreciate the awesome information you shared here and it is simple after watching your video and reading your post. Glad I stopped by and I figure I may as well leave you my input. Nice!

  4. Hey Lani,
    I always had that question in the back of my mind. “How to get rid of those cookies?” Thanks for the information because it was informational to me and I’ll get right on it. People had told me that they just go away, but somehow, I didn’t feel like they do.
    You have cleared up one of those questions in my mind.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Develop Your Power – Part 2

  5. Ann says:

    Lani, is it true that some cookies get cleared if you turn off your computer, especially the ones that eat memory even when they don’t need it any more? That’s what I was told.–Annie
    Ann recently posted..โ€œ6 Degrees of Separationโ€ is Old News

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