Apache OpenOffice A Free Spreadsheet, Text Document And More…

Here’s a free tool I recommend, OpenOffice. I am all about free tools and I been using it for a few years. It may not be the in-depth functional office tools for everyone, but it works for the fundamental use.

OpenOffice been around for since 1984 and changed names over time. My teenage boys to use it for their book reports and school thesis.

Here’s a quick clip on OpenOffice, enjoy!

I recently updated OpenOffice 4.1.2 here’s the free download link: I hope you find it useful, I know there are a lot other office tools to use, but it can be costly, as well. It operates on Window, Mac Os and Linux machines. Alternative office tool to Microsoft Office.

Some of the basic functions you are able to use:

  • Text document – Opens up just like Microsoft Word format, with fonts and a lot of useful tools.
  • Spread sheet – similar to Microsoft Excel, save and retrieve. You can incorporated it into the text documents, as well.
  • Presentations – just like a PowerPoint tools.
  • Drawing – Just like a vector base tool and useful.
  • Database – sort of like a management system.
  • Formula – Microsoft equation system, if you can relate to this system.

Including Another Introduction Video Clip to get you started and be familiar in what to expect. Credit to Gurubrew, thanks!

I hope you have found these little tips helpful, as i have. Keep in mind to share and pass it on! Mahalo… Lani

Optional Resource: Host service, I use for many of years. I hope it maybe beneficial to you if you’re considering to use WordPress. Thanks Again for coming by.

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  1. Jason Bowers says:

    So it’s like Microsoft Office…

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